Thailand Travel Guide 2016

2016 Thailand travel guide

1 best-selling travel guide to Thailand*. A travel guide: The Tours Travel Blog - Infographic database (IgDb) August 6, 2016 at 4:28 am. Since tourism in Thailand continues to skyrocket, it is more important than ever to sustainably support ecotourism and travel.

Guide for beginners, info graphics

Do you dream of Thailand? We have compiled everything worth knowing for the top hints for first-time travelers to Thailand in a simple travel guide. Whilst every Southeast Asian nation has characteristics that make it astonishing and unmistakable, Thailand has always been the "golden child" of Southeast Asia when it comes to travel - and for good reasons!

It' s not easy to find a viable competitor anywhere in the wide web who can rival Thailand. Perhaps you will never find a land that has so much cultural, scenic, adventurous and relaxing life as the huge and wonderful Thai people. It can be tricky for first-time visitor to keep everything that the land has to show in mind.

But for almost everything else Thailand is difficult to be beaten. When you are looking for great sandy areas, Thailand has two different shorelines to offer. When in the spirit of drama and adventurous adventures, visit the Andaman Coast, where cristal clear water in places like Phi Phi Island and Krabi is crisscrossed by lofty, jungle-covered lime outcrops.

You can also cross Thailand's Isthmic Strait to the Gulf of Thailand, where blue water flows along sugar-sweet, palm-fringed shores such as Koh Tao, Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. Thailand has you in its sights. Thailand is the only land in the area that has never been invaded by a single West national. It is home to the region's most primordial people.

In combination with the friendliness and relaxation of many Thais, most travelers agree that the Thais are one of the greatest attractions. It also hosts some of the most impressive monasteries in the area. Visiting Wat Arun or the Great Palace of Bangkok, visiting the old capitol of Ayutthaya or one of the thousand monuments of culture in the land, you will soon see that Thailand has few of its own age groups when it comes to the pure deepness and splendor of its ancestry.

When you are more into exploring the cities, Thailand has some trumps in the regional tourist industry. Bangkok, the official most frequented town in the whole wide globe, is not only a commercial centre and traffic junction, but also a legal traveler' s paradise. And not to forget, if you are interested in exploring the town, there is also the north centre of Chiang Mai, which offers a singular "Lanna" civilization, wonderful monuments, mountains and the closeness to strains of colourful people.

Southbound from Bangkok there is also the Phuket archipelago city, which has some of the most pulsating night life in the state and some of the most stunning sands. Wherever you go in Thailand, there is something for everyone. If it is the local civilization, the beach, the mountains or the towns that take you there, if you are like the overwhelming bulk of travellers who go there, you will be itchy.

One of the highest response rates in the industry confirms this fact - over 50% of first-time Thai attendees will be returning for another attempt. Whether you are in the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand for the first getaway or an experienced vet who just needs to refresh some of the fundamentals, this info graphic is a practical little utility to help you plan your game.

Our primary aim, as always, is to show travellers like you the best and most genuine side of our destination.

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