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Destinations in Thailand

Though Thailand has earned its place as a top destination, where to go if you want to jump over the crowds and still enjoy the beauty? Journey to Thailand with Cox & Kings. Experience the majestic landscapes, the unique culture and cuisine of Thailand on our luxurious holiday tours. We present a list of tourist places in Thailand, so that you don't just stay in Bangkok and see the diverse colors of the land of smiles. However, even in the safest country there are areas you want to avoid, especially if you are travelling with your family.

Seventeen hotspots in Thailand and abroad for 2018

The Loei is still one of the most sparsely inhabited areas of Thailand. Most of the time between the nationalparks you will find meadows with occasionally empty huts. Loei is also more of a metropolis than a county seat. It is a private family, hiding in luxuriant vegetation on a picturesque pond.

One of the main targets is the huge Buddha picture carved into an east wall of rock. Last December, an artisan and grocery fair took place in the town, organised by a group of the same name (sacon-made) and attracted a new amount of people. Air Asia and Nok Air fly directly from Don Muang airport to Sakon Nakhon from about B2,600.

For a long time shaded by Hat Yai, the province capitol has found a place among travelling arts enthusiasts. Famous for its pulverulent sandy beach (B1,300-1,500/night. ), the first shop in Songkhla's picturesque old city. A must for those who are always looking for quiet cities in the Nordic countries, Nan is an underestimated traveler' s paradise, so get there now before the masses of people come to power.

At the end of each year the Khun Sathan National Park (02-562-0760) becomes rose by the end of each year with the Khun Sathan plant. It is also the period when in the Doi Picha National Park (081-224-0789) light rose Pucha blooms that only bloom here. Go on a tour to Pua, a small mountain village just an hours drive from Nan.

With more and more starving resort on the outskirts of the UNESCO World Heritage Site opening up, the season is over to catch Luang Prabang at his best. Frequently referred to as the "jewel of Laos", the capital has a pronounced sense of timing. Awake at 5:30am to take part in the holy Buddhist alms service on the highway or drive 45 min outside the cities to take a dip in the breathtaking jadepool of the Kuang Si Waterfall.

At the moment Bangkok-Luang Prabang with Thai Smile's flight backs will cost about B5,200 to March 4. In October last year, more than 13,000 railways operated non-stop services. On Bangkok Airways, the latest campaign will cost B8,100/round flight on four weekly flights: Valetta, the capitol of this long-forgotten Mediterranean archipelago, was designated European Cultural Heritage in 2018, and it is hard to understand why.

Featuring three UNESCO landmarks and a dining style that distorts Sicilian, Maghrebian, English and Castilian cuisine. Apart from King's Landing, there is a genuine atmosphere of the old fashioned Malta atmosphere, which will house more than 400 activities and 140 Capital of culture related activities throughout the year.

Intrepid Travel, the on-line travel agency, has reported an upturn of 40 percent over the last five years among clients who want to make their unique adventure bookings on their own. This is due to the increasing autonomy of the thousand-year-old travel generations. Savvy spa travellers also want the right workout regime via a colon and half an hour doing yoga.

Bangkokians have always known that travelling should not be about the bikini, but about buffer coats. Well, the outside world is on the rise. Tourism's share of Norwegian GNP reached an all-time high in 2017, and luxurious travellers put Iceland, Greenland and Alaska on their list.

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