Thailand Tourist Office London

London Tourist Office, Thailand

Tourist information center of St. Petersburg. Maya Bay, location for The Beach, close to tourists. Before Thai Airways, Judy worked as fashion PR for Browns of South Molton Street (London) and Press Gang PR Consultancy. Flying time from Great Britain (London): If you are interested in a safe and healthy stay abroad, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office has up-to-date advice.

The Bangkok Message Board

Many Thais said to us that we should go to the ACT office to arrange a journey through Thailand, and although we wanted to do everything on our own, we still followed their "advice" and tried to find this one. Otherwise the 3-week tour, which unfortunately was partly carried out on its own, was great!

WAS HAPPENED: under the counsel of various Thai nationals in Bangkok we visited the office of TAT to inform us about the journey we wanted to make from Bangkok to the northern part of Thailand by passing through Ayuttaya, Sukhothai, Chiang Mai, etc., we just wanted GOOD TRUSTWORTHY AOVICE.

There as an act they begin to plan our journey, we did not even ask for it because we wanted to go independent, and in the end they ask us for an enormous amount of 80. I' m sure they do this to many visitors who are not yet used to this aggressive act or theater!

After we realized that we even booked excursions in Bangkok, we said that we only needed very few bookings like cab boats for Koh Phi Phi, some accommodations and excursions lasting several days. As we saw the filthy Kinaree House in Phi Phi Phi, no shade of hair, beetles, noise, we had to find another respectable motel, we bought it from our own funds and we phoned Siam and sent Travel and they said to us in a very AGGRESIVEN tone:

I want my funds back on those topics we did not profit from: full days to Koh Phang Na in Phuket, I have the plans, Phi Phi lodge, Kinaree House, for 2 evenings, Phuket lodge, Patong, Arimana lodging for one evening, we payed for one evening in Doi Suthep and Tiger Kingdom and we had to cover the entry fees separately.

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