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Tourist locations in Thailand

Activities in Thailand, Asia: Without the capital Bangkok are the statistically most popular destinations in Thailand: Phuket, Thailand's largest island and one of the country's most popular destinations, has many faces. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Ko Samui, Pattaya/Chonburi and Phuket are some of the most important destinations for medical tourism in Thailand. Locate all the sights in Thailand.


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Favourite 5 Thailand Places to Visit

While there are many places to be visited in Thailand, it is the bathing areas that attracts the vast majority as well. Whilst the major attraction of these areas are the sun-drenched tropic shores, their well-established appeal to international tourism also means that there are other benefits. Without the capitol Bangkok, the sexiest tourist destination in Thailand:

Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui and Krabi Province (including Phi Phi Phi). Only the old city of Chiang Mai is not a seaside town. While there are many other options, well over half of the visitors to the countryside stay in one of these places for most of their holidays.

This list contains brief information on Thailand's five main tourist attractions, as well as information on things that are important to many, such as food, night life and available sights. Phuket is probably the most popular of Thailand's seaside resort, a very picturesque isle with a length of about 50 km and a width of 20 km, which is linked to the continent by a highway overpass.

Phuket is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the islands. Phuket offers a wide range of accommodation throughout the year. Those who want to be even more isolated, there are some very upscale establishments in isolated areas of the islands that provide a self-contained holiday with several local shops, pubs and shops.

Activities on the beach - banana boat, Jetski, Paragliding and Windsurfing are possible on the busy Patong and Karon sands. All over the islands there are great dining & night life places that offer not only Thai cuisine but also a wide range of world cuisine.

Innumerable small and pleasant pubs in Thailand look after the evening entertain. There are different places suitable for different persons, so it might be a good idea to check before booking your accomodation in the city. Thailand's second biggest isle is about 23 km wide and thus about half the width of Phuke.

With its sandy beach, hot sea, vibrant night life and a large selection of first-class resort locations, Samui is one of Thailand's most sought after tourist attractions. Samui's main tourist areas : Chaweng Beach, 5km long, is the liveliest area and offers a great night life with many open-air pubs, eateries and even discos.

There is a good selection of accommodation in the quietest areas of the islands for those who want to get away from the mob. Activities on the beach - speedboat charter, jet ski rental, wind surfing, sunbathing, sundae. Samui's Dining & Nighlife: Chaweng and, to a smaller degree, Lamai have a very vibrant night life with a large selection of cosmopolitan and Thailand cuisine.

There are also some very good restaurants in smaller towns on the less congested beach, but in a quieter area. In contrast to the other places mentioned here, the old capitol Chiang Mai is far away from the ocean in the mountains of the North. Chiang Mai is home to the "Old Town", delimited by a square ditch and the remains of an old fortification.

To the east, which surrounds Tha Pae Gate, is the major tourist area with many idyllic accommodation and a nightlife area. You can walk to the famous Nigh Bazaar mall, which is also a favourite place to be. Nearby is the meandering Mae Ping River, which provides a calmer option with some very beautiful river view properties and dining.

It is a rather large town, and there is a wide range of accommodation, but tourists staying in these areas should have little trouble making themselves understood, enjoying the night life or enjoying world cuisine. In Mae Rim there are also some marvellous Chiang Mai destinations outside the capital, such as Four Seasons, which attract those who want to experience the tranquil Chiang Mai landscape far away from the masses in total luxurious.

The Chiang Mai area offers a selection of six different types of course in a very attractive setting. Ciang May Dining & Nightlife: Restaurants and foreigner pubs line the east side of the ditch, with the liveliest street in the hooligan bar being Loy Kroh Rd near Tha Pae Gate.

You can also find some river cruise and river restaurant with a beautiful ambiance. The city of Chiang Mai provides the opportunity to enjoy Thai cultural life in a relaxed and pleasant environment. People are accustomed to visiting foreigners and are kind, without as much of the tough selling tactic that you can see in other tourist hotspots.

The main town is Krabi Town, but the most favourite place to be is Ao Nang Beach, a small tourist town in a marvellous setting amidst jungle-covered mountains and rock. The Ao Nang is where most of the hotels accommodations, tourist shops and overnight entertainments is. Railay Beach Resort is ten-minute drive by boat and has the benefit of having privileged acces to one of Thailand's best sands.

The city of Krabi, which is about 20 min by car from Ao Nang, generally has less expensive accommodations, but not the nice surroundings of other Krabi locations. Seaside Tours - You can rent a longtail vessel and yacht charter for the whole rental period to explore some of the many adjacent islets with their lovely crescent-shaped shores or go on one of the most visited river cruises.

Seakayak trips are also a favourite way to explore the animal world and breathtaking nature on some of the lime stone islets such as caves and overhangs. Ao Nang Citieship has many great dining & night life places offering Thailand and world cuisines. While there are two major areas of pubs that offer vibrant entertainment and hostess, there are also many calmer facilities along the Strandstrasse that are better suited for couple and family.

Only about three hour by car from Phuket, Krabi is regarded by many as even more appealing. Being calmer with much less mature theme-oriented night life makes it very popular w/ family and couple looking for a romantic vacation. Pattaya City, the night life city of Thailand, lies about two hour's car ride southeast of Bangkok.

Its the cheeky neighborhood that is without a doubt the major attraction for most expat. There are innumerable pubs and go-go clubs throughout the town, with the major area, Walkwing Street, a fluorescent attack on the minds that many will never be forgotten. Major tourist areas : The South Pattaya near the beaches and the major streets of the walk is most loved by people who love to spend the night, but as you can find pubs and diners all over the town and also because the "Baht Bus" transportation system is simple to use and inexpensive, there are many other good places to be.

With its more beautiful beaches and quiet night life, Jomtien is a favourite destination for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Pattaya but are still only 15 min by train from Avenue. Sea Activities - Both Pattaya and Jomtien beaches offer all the common sea activities such as boating, paragliding, windsurfing, paragliding, etc.

There' also a selection of wreck diving. There are other great variety of beach volleyball games - bargainshopping, elephantpark, angling, bungy diving, waterpark, sightseeing trips, underwater world, tiger zoo, The Sanctuary of Truth, Million Years Stone Parks and gulf:- there are a large number of champion course standards in the area, which together with the low cost make Pattaya a favourite golffanl.

Pattaya has a large number of expatriate run dining & night life places, so there are few towns that offer such a wide range of real Thai cuisine, making Pattaya, in combination with countless Thai dining places, a great place for gourmets. Pattaya's primary attraction is its cheeky and loud night life.

There are well over a thousand in town, with the most crowded center being on the south end of Strand Road, where you can walk along Wandering Street. A neonlit nightlife with a pulsating array of pubs, discotheques and go-go indoors. It is known for the grown-up topic of its nightly fun, but it is simple to shun this side of the city's nature if you wish and just plain pleasure, as you would in any other seaside resorts, and it has the benefit of being slightly less expensive than the other beloved Thai resorts.

For the best places to spend the night, see the Where to Stays in Pattaya Guide.

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