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Learn more about the Thai tourism market in the UK - including travel statistics, visitor characteristics and moods - and download reports. Newest tweets from Tourism Thailand (@fanclubthailand). Thailand's official tourism authority, UK. Specialised in British tourist visas to take your Thai friend home. From Bangkok to Sukhothai, Lampang and Chiang Mai.

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NOTE - ACT or Tourism Authority of Thailand, DO NOT DEAL TRAVELS or VISIT. Anybody who sells trips or ticket and claims to be a trustworthy TAT collaborator or agents is a liar. A number of personal dresses announce prominent "TAT" (and often in smaller font "license number"), which seems to be interpreted by a surprise number of persons as TAT institutions.

Those that are more shady in the first four movements of this section and those that are more sincere in the fifth movement are all privately owned.

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Thailand's capitol is the most mysterious town in Southeast Asia, a battle between the traditional and the modern. Thailand has been governed by a oppressive army since 2014 and order and law and order are rather selective, Bangkok is still one of the most secure towns in the rest of the word; violence against international guests is relatively uncommon.

However, people should stay away from protests that can become violence and be cautious of the policemen. Though Thailand's over New Year's festival (Songkran is held in mid-April) is a spectacle, the hot summers deter many people. Over the course of a whole weekend, the city is transformed into a battlefield for kids and adults who wander the roads carrying guns, pails of bucketfuls, and powdered talk, who are shooting or throwing at passers-by - and be careful, overseas guests are popular destinations.

In spite of the hot weather it is really enjoyable to attend and participate in Thailand's most important festivals.

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