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Tourist information about tourist offices and agencies in Thailand. In Thailand the currency used is a bath (THB). To find out more about the Chabad of Phuket Building Campaign, please visit

Summary: The search for information is an important part of most consumers' purchasing decisions. Thuringia has some of the most beautiful and vibrant cities and tourist attractions in the world.

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Indeed, so many historic imprecisions were presented to the Thai kings, who are highly appreciated by their folk, that the movie was forbidden in Thailand! Newer Anna and the King provides a better glimpse of Siam, as the country was known in the nineteenth centuary, but it still does not show the full picture of Thailand.

Indeed, Thailand is a country with a wealth y history, offering luxuriant old jungle and many culture happenings that seem to be far away from the traditional West European citys.

Thailand travel guide and information

This is a brief overview of the trip information provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the United Kingdom. We" means the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Please go to for comprehensive tour information. Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises against all trips to the Thai-Malaysian frontier provinces:

We do not recommend any trips, except in areas located to the northern of the highway 43 between Hat Yai and Sakom and areas northwest of the railway line between Hat Yai and Pedang Besar. UK citizens visit over one million people in Thailand every year.

However, there were assaults, sometimes violence, that affected English civilians. When you visit Thailand, make sure you know the applicable legislation and practices before you leave. A high number of car crashes have occurred in Thailand. The majority concern motorbikes, but also crashes with other types of vehicle such as automobiles, buses and vans.

According to Thai laws you have to use a motorbike wearing a hard hat. Ensure that you have the proper driver's license and appropriate motorbike insurances when you drive or use a motorbike. Using a car without a Thai driver's license can void your trip in case of an incident.

Ensure that your trip policy will cover all your adventures. There is a high probability that there will be terrorist attempts on Thailand. In April and May 2017 there were blasts in Bangkok, in August 2016 several blasts and events in tourist areas throughout Thailand and in July 2015 a large blast at the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok.

Thailand's safety officials say they interrupted the scheduled attack in Bangkok in October 2016. On various occasion the government has issued warnings of possible assaults that could occur on certain days of the year. They should pay particular attention in places of interest, take the counsel of your community and supervise your coverage of the area.

Severe atmospheric contamination can take place in large areas of the city, such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai, which are also affected by local clouds of fumes (often in March and April). British public healthcare officials have identified Thailand as a potential source of the Zika antivirus. Information and guidance on the dangers associated with the Zika viruses can be found on the National Travel Network and Centre website.

You can find some general tourist information in English on the website and call center of the Tourist Authority of Thailand (1672 - press'9' for English). When you need to call the rescue service, call 1155 (tourist police) or 1669 (rescue service). When you are abroad and need assistance from the UK authorities, please consult the closest UK diplomatic mission, diplomatic mission or the High Commissioner.

When you live in Thailand or plan a longer sojourn, you will find tips on our page Life in Thailand. Offering information and guidance to UK businesses active abroad on managing policy, commercial and commercial safety issues. Thailand's policy is erratic and sometimes even upsetting.

Art. 44 of the transitional treaty gives General Prayuth Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Chairman of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), extensive authority. Numerous forms of communication, some of which are even internationally, have been shut down and some websites are still inaccessible. A number of alien (including British) and Thai reporters, people defending people' s freedoms and members of the general population are accused of slander and riots, misgivings and policy statements.

When travelling by train or coach, make sure that your passport, currency and other valuable items are safely and invisibly stored. A number of tourist sites, such as the Koh Samui Islands and Krabi County, have witnessed violence, sexually assaulted and without provocation. In tourist resorts throughout Thailand, alcohol peaks have been recorded, with both males and females suffering.

Drinking alcoholic beverages and narcotics can make you less vigilant, less controlled and less conscious of your surroundings, leading to accident, injury, theft, assault and loss of your personal identification. A number of UK citizens in Thailand have experienced serious mental health issues due to the use of narcotics, which have led to some deaths. In Thailand, there were ATM skying events.

Purchasing real estate in Thailand is not easy and you should be conscious of the risk before making your own investments. Immigrant citizens were involved in real estate frauds. A number of UK citizens are also being prosecuted for alleged deception and misconduct. Before you leave the Philippines, you should notify the Thai authorities of any crimes committed.

Incidental confrontations have occurred between Thai police, gunmen and drugs dealers along the Thai-Burmese frontier. Visit the Tourism Thailand website for local assistance before travelling to this part of the world. Traverse Burma only at an authorized point of entry and after receiving all necessary permits/visas from the Thai and Myanmar immigration agencies.

Cambodia and Thailand controversially discussed the line of the Boundary near the Preah Vihear Theatre. In frontier areas you should be particularly careful and obey the advice of your neighbourhood authority. Be aware of the locality when traveling near the Cambodian borders and at crossroads between the two states.

Because of road works on the stretch from Bangkok centre to Don Mueang International Station, the Thai Immigration Bureau recommended that travelers allow more than normal hours to get to the International Terminal, especially on long workdays. A number of trains derailed in Thailand. They must be in possession of an international driver's license or a Thai driver's license to be able to travel by motorbike or automobile in Thailand.

When you use a car without the right driving license, your trip will not be covered in the case of an incident. A high number of car crashes have occurred in Thailand. There is an increased danger of dying or injuring yourself on the street when you are out and about at work.

Thailand is ranked by the WHO as the world's most deadly motorcycling death toll, with an annual death toll of 5,500 motorcyclists on average. When you drive a motorbike, make sure that you have appropriate motorbike insurances and the right driving license.

Major crashes with other types of car, bus and minibus also happen. A number of night bus crashes have occurred. If you have doubts about the security of your haulage company, ask for on-site consultation. Ensure that you are insured by your holiday policy and review the small printed version of the rental contract before renting a car.

It' against the law to ride them on the streets in Thailand, although they can be rented at the side of the road. Between Thailand's continental and island areas there are a large number of passengers. A number of sinkholes and clashes have resulted in deaths, among them two UK national.

As a rule, these events are due to overload and/or bad service, but also to harsh waters, especially during the on-site monsun. Ensure that buoyancy aids are available and verify your regional meteorological condition before you travel at sea. Make sure your policy will cover you for all your adventures. Immigrant visitors, many of whom are UK citizens, were murdered and seriously wounded when the traffickers took away their elephant.

Powerful riptids have been drowning humans in various areas such as Phuket, Koh Chang, Hua Hin, Cha-am, Rayong, Pattaya and the Koh Samui Articipel. In case of any doubts you should consult the hotels administration and the diving centers on site. Before using a diving company's registration information, please make sure that you are properly insure.

Thailand has many interesting places that are open to all. Please see our general information for handicapped travelers. There is a high probability that there will be terrorist attempts on Thailand. Bombing and shell raids were random, even in places frequented by aliens.

They should pay particular attention in places of interest, take the counsel of your community and supervise your coverage of the area. Thai officials have on various occasions issued warnings of possible assaults that could occur on certain days, either symbolically or on a holiday. The Thai government said in October 2016 that it had interrupted the scheduled attack in Bangkok.

Other occurrences are possible throughout Thailand. There were several blasts and events in tourist areas throughout Thailand in August 2016 (including Hua Hin, Trang, Krabi, Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Patong and Loma in Phuket, Surat Thani and Khao Lak in Phang Nga) with spontaneous explosives (IEDs) and incendiaries.

In the past there have also been terrorist acts in Thailand's most important towns, among them Bangkok. At the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, a bombing explosion in 2015 claimed many victims, among them the deaths of a Brit. There have been frequent assaults since January 2004 in Thailand's most southerly regions of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat, as well as in the four southerly regions of Songkhla County.

Destinations include civil and military personnel, members of the police, governments, tourist resorts, discotheques, bars, stores, market squares, supermarkets, school and railroad. More than 7,700 persons, among them civil men, were murdered and several thousand others were wounded. There were no killings of UK citizens in these assaults, but some aliens were murdered and wounded.

Surveillance agencies can arrest without trial the suspect, censure the press, search and confiscate the document. Bundeskartellamt advises against travelling to the states of Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat and the south of the state. There is an increased risk of terror attacks worldwide against UK interests and UK citizens of groups or individual persons who have been motivate by the conflicts in Iraq and Syria.

This information on this page shows the most popular forms of transport and mirrors the UK Government's understandings of the current regulations. This information is intended for travelers with a full British Citizen Pass, unless otherwise specified. It is the responsibility of the local authority in the countries or territories to which you are traveling to determine and enforce your immigration requirements.

When you are unsure of any aspects of your immigration regulations or need further assurances, you must consult the dispatch, high committee or local government office of the destination state. It is also advisable to consult your carrier or tour operator to ensure that your pass and other documentation meets their needs.

Passports should be issued at least 6 month from the date of arrival in Thailand. Entering Thailand is usually denied if you have a corrupted pass or pages are not there. When you are a double citizen, you must ensure that you have a current citizenship at the time of departure from Thailand, otherwise you may have trouble getting out.

UK nationals travelling by plane or country can travel to Thailand without a valid visas for 30 consecutive nights - this is known as exemptions. When you use the 30-day travel waiver, you can only travel to Thailand twice per year. The same does not hold true for travel by plane to Thailand.

For further information please consult the Thai Ambassador or the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You will need a visas if you are planning to remain in Thailand for more than 30 nights, to work or to use regular landborders. When you enter Thailand on a Thai entry permit, it is possible to request an extended period of residence, but you must do so before your residence permit has expired.

They also run the additional danger that you will be detained, fineed, expelled at your own cost and blacklisted when you return to Thailand. Deportations by the Thai government may take several working hours. They have declared that they will always impose imprisonment for stays of more than 42 day. As of March 2016, you may no longer enter Thailand if you exceed your minimum entry requirements.

Ask Thai immigration for further information. There is no other way to legally obtain a new visas, permits or extensions is from a Thai embassy or consulate, an immigration officer at a point of entry in Thailand or one of the immigration authorities throughout the state. The visas that may be obtained from visashops, tourist agencies or in any other way are likely to be unlawful and punish.

For questions about visa or visa regulations, please contact the Royal Thai Embassy. Thailand immigrant officers may request you to provide documentation of your continued journey (e.g. a flight or connecting flight ticket). All bookings should be made before you leave for Thailand. A number of carriers have declined to take aboard without documentary confirmation.

There may be different conditions for other visas: you should contact Thai immigration before travel. In order to work in Thailand, you need a work permits, which is hard and time-consuming to obtain. You are not permitted to work if you are entering Thailand on a tourist Visa. To verify whether you need a YTD certification, visit the National Travel Health Network and the Center's TravelHealthPro website.

We accept UK Emergency Travellers Declarations for arrival, air-side transport and departure from Thailand. When you plan to arrive in Thailand with a British emergency passport, you should check with the Thai embassy or consulate closest to you before traveling to see if a visas is necessary. A number of prescription and over-the-counter drugs available in the United Kingdom are regarded as controled in Thailand.

For more information, please visit the website of the Royal Thai Embassy and the travel advice centre. Bangkok's British Embassy has posted a brief on Facebook and Twitter about some important things to watch out for when you live or travel in Thailand. Prison and other prison environments in Thailand are tough and health care is restricted.

You are at serious peril of being found to be in possession of 20 g of Class A medication at a point of departure from Thailand. Importing more than 200 cigarettes per capita into Thailand is against the law, and this is imposed at immigration control at the airports on arrivals; those who cross the threshold may be subject to a fine tenfold higher than the value of the tobacco.

The Thai government imposed a prohibition on the use of tobacco smoke on certain tourist areas in January 2018, such as Koh Samui, Pattaya and the counties of Phuket, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chon Buri and Songkhla. They should be following the instructions of their area. No vaporizers (such as e-cigarettes and e-baraku) or refilled bottles can be brought to Thailand. A number of UK citizens have been detained for owning evaporators and e-cigarettes.

Thailand is a party to the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora Agreement (CITES). In general, Thailand is a forgiving and advanced place for travelers travelling with GLGBT. Enmity against travelers to Thailand is scarce, although in parts of Thai societies more tolerance than acceptance is shown for children's right to travel with them.

There are no laws on same-sex weddings in Thailand; same-sex weddings contracted elsewhere are not recognized. No third generation is recognized in Thailand. Read our information and counseling page for the LAGBT fellowship before you leave. Consult your doctor at least 4 to 6 days before your journey to determine if you need immunization or other precaution.

Read the latest country-specific information and guidance from the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) on the Travel HealthPro website or from NHS (Scotland) on the fitforravel website. You can also find useful information and tips on health care abroad on the NHS Choices website. Thailand has a number of great privately owned clinics, but they can be costly.

Thailand's government hospital and clinic facilities do not always meet British quality requirements, especially outside Bangkok and the coast isles. Ensure that you have sufficient traveller's healthcare and that you can pay for the costs of healthcare abroad and return. Severe atmospheric contamination can take place in large areas of the city, such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai, which are also affected by local veils of tobacco smoke.

In March and April, fog often occurs, resulting in low atmospheric conditions and increased contamination in parts of northern, northeastern and southern Thailand. Stay up to date with your area' s information and consult a doctor for appropriate precaution. Periodic ASEAN and Thailand Ambient Air Monitoring is available from the Singapore Meteorological Service.

Medicines that are only available on prescription in the UK, such as Viagra, Cialis and Valium, are available in much-loved areas of the city. The use of medicines without doctor's advise or prescriptions can have serious effects on your wellbeing. British public healthcare officials have identified Thailand as a potential source of the Zika antivirus.

Information and guidance on the risk associated with the Zika viruses can be found on the National Travel Health Network and Centre website. There is dengue in Thailand. Thailand's main Thai language is the Baht. When you change banknotes in Thailand, it may not be possible to change Scotch or Nordic banknotes.

May to October is the wet seasons in many parts of Thailand, with September and October being the peak of the months of the year. It rains in Koh Samui and in the southeast of the Thai half island from November to March. Severe winds during the rains can cause disruptions and damages such as floods and landslips.

North Thailand can be exposed to seismic and shock events of various degrees. When you are abroad and need assistance from the UK authorities, please consult the closest UK diplomatic mission, diplomatic mission or the High Commissioner. When you need help urgently because something has struck a loved one abroad, call the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London on 020 7008 1500 (24 hours).

Check out our international itinerary to help you schedule your journey abroad and remain secure while you are there. Bundeskartellamt Reiseberatung will help you to make your own international business planning choices. We are committed to your security, but we cannot advise you individually. When you are worried about whether it is safer for you to go, you should review the itinerary for the land or area you are traveling to, along with information from other resources that you have ID'd, before making your own choice about whether to go.

You are the only one who can determine whether it is safer for you to go. If we consider the risks to UK citizens in a particular location to be unacceptable, we will indicate on the tourist information page for that particular land or area that we do not recommend all or any other than substantial itineraries.

Find out more about how the Bundeskartellamt evaluates and categorizes risks in the field of tourism consulting. If you are travelling abroad, our Übersee-Krise page will suggest a few extra things you can do to help you remain secure. You should consult your tour operator if you wish to modify or terminate a booking.

Reimbursement and cancellation is a business for you and your tour operator. Tour operators decide for themselves whether they want to provide their clients with a reimbursement or not. Most of them use our tour consultants to make these choices, but we do not tell tour operators when they can or cannot give reimbursement to their clients.

You can find more information about your entitlements if you wish to withdraw from a vacation on the website of the Citizens' Office. If you have any queries about your trip policy, please consult your insurer and if you are not satisfied with the answer, you can consult the Financial Ombudsman Service. We no longer ask anyone to check in before the trip.

With our International Journey Check List and our International Crises page, we suggest what you can do before and during a journey abroad to help you schedule your journey and remain secure. For an earlier FCO Notice, please consult the website of the FCO. Are you a UK citizen and have a matter about going abroad that is not included in our GOV or elsewhere.

We are not in a position to offer tailor-made consulting for certain missions.

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