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Chao Phraya River is the main river of the country, around which many tourist attractions of Thailand have developed, which are loved by tourists. The name Bangkok lives up to its name as the capital of Thailand. Sometimes Thailand seems to have a bad reputation. The perceptions of a tourist destination are decisive for its image in the tourism industry. The " Rose of the North " of Thailand contains both cultural and natural diversity, a variety of attractions and inviting hospitality.

Things to do in Bangkok - Bangkok Forum

Entrance to shops and activities. From Soi' s 4 to 24, get a Sukhumit Road resort that gives you walk to some of Skytrain's train and subway stops. Skycrain takes you to all the shops. All of them are connected by the Sky Train and you can switch to the Silom Line for the Patpong Night Markets at Siam Square.

Siam or Sukhumvit Road area will work well! You can use the Skytrain in this way. Skytrain is an upside-down transport vehicle that can link you to many of the most famous tourist destinations. Skytrain links you to the underground and takes you to the railway stations. Skytrain also has a stop in Ekamai for the coach terminal.

Many shops, eateries, travel agents for trips and road sellers in this area, especially the lower Sukhumvit of Soi 2 to somewhere near Soi 13. Skytrain has a stop for Chatachak and MBK. Maps of the Sukhumvit area. A few Sukhumvit Road Hotels: When you want to have fewer lounges nearby and still be able to reach the Skytrain easily, then visit the Asia Hotel.

Asia is located directly at a sky train stop. The Phetchaburi Road is an ideal place to go for a stroll. Definitively the lower Suk for pubs/discos/shopping/restaurants, simple to use.

Situated in the centre of Bangkok, on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, the Grand Palace is a splendid edifice and one of Bangkok's most beloved tourist destinations.

Situated in the centre of Bangkok, on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, the Grand Palace is a splendid edifice and one of Bangkok's most beloved tourist destinations. Combining Thai and Euopean architectural styles, the Grand Palace was the former royal palace of Siam and.....

An amazing Bangkok kangaroo, Safari World is split into two parts. Part One, Safari Parks, is Thailand's largest open zoological and amusement center and has something for everyone! With 10 areas, over 90 sculptures and many animated adventures, Madame Tussauds is much more than just a watch muse.

It' the biggest fish tank in Thailand and offers some of the rarest sea creatures and a four-dimensional theater. This is a must when visiting Bangkok, its route..... The Wat Arun, one of Bangkok's most popular symbols, or the Dawn Basilica, is a buddhistic sanctuary on the western shore of the Chao Phraya River in Thonburi.

It is one of the most gorgeous buildings in Thailand and the most widely taken picture of the state. Emerald Buddha or Wat Phra Kaew is the holiest Buddhist sanctuary in Thailand. You will be impressed by the impressive emerald Buddha sculpture of Jadeite and the wonderful sparkling glitter of the shelter.

Watahathat is one of the most noteworthy of Bangkok's Buddha Schools, situated in the center of the town. It is also home to a center for spirituality. It' one of the oldest temple in Bangkok and its story goes back to the days before Bangkok became the capitol of....

Well-known as the lying Buddha Sanctuary, Wat Pho is considered the birth place of Thai music. Bangkok's main tourist feature is the lying Buddha sculpture. It' also the biggest one in Bangkok, where the magnificent.....

Wat Traimit is a favourite tourist destination and is home to the Golden Buddha, the biggest golden sculpture in the whole wide area. This impressive, shimmering Buddha is one of the most conspicuous statues in the whole wide globe and a must if you are in Bangkok. This monument to the democratic cause is being built in the center of Bangkok and, as the name implies, was built to mark the acceptance of freedom and democratization in Thailand.

Representing the four arms of the Thai army, the four walls of the memorial are 24 meters high and symbolize June 24th, the date..... The Baiyoke Sky Tower is Thailand's highest edifice and a favourite centre for shops, dining and entertainmen. The Baiyoke Sky Hotel is one of the highest in Bangkok.

The beloved Hindoo sanctuary contains a gold sculpture of Phra Phrom, the Thai portrayal of the Hindoo creator Brahma. At any time of diurnal full of worshipers, but also with shows of Thai dancing groups. Wats Ratchanatdaram Woravihara (Loha Prasat) is a holy Buddhist sanctuary erected in 1846 by King Nangklao (Rama III) for his nephew - Mom Chao Ying Sommanus Wattanavadi.

The National Museum is regarded as the biggest in Southeast Asia and hosts one of the best collection of arts, among them Buddhist and religious arts, as well as some works of the Thai king couple. Suna Pakkad Palace Museum was the home of the Princess Chumbhot of Nagara Svarga.

He and the Queen chose to transform the building into a permanent exhibition of antiquities and works of art. This splendid palatial building consists of five typical Thailand homes. Without a doubt one of the most attractive monasteries in Bangkok, Wat Benchamabophit is also known as the "Marble Temple" and is an important tourist area.

It is a beautiful example of Bangkok's architecture with multilevel rooftops, ornate bird-shaped ornaments (chofahs) at the top of the rooftops and..... The Royal Barges National Musuem is a one-of-a-kind Thai institution that houses the Royal Barges used in Royal Barge processions and state rituals.

Several of the ships in the museums..... The Queen Sirikit Musuem of Textiles was founded in 2003 when Queen Sirikit asked King Bhumibol Adulyadej for approval to rebuild the Ratsadakorn-Bhibhathana building from 1870 into a new textilemuseory. He gave his consent and today the Queen Sirikit is an important tourist destination.

Mr. Boonchai Bencharongkul contracted the MOCA. It commemorates King Rama 9 and Professor Silpa Bhirasri, known as the "father of modern art in Thailand". It contains great works of art by some of the greatest modern artisans in Thailand. A holiday with your children in Bangkok will be much simpler after a journey to KidZania!

Muay Thais are known all over the globe. It' also known as Tai fight. The Rajadamner Thawing Stadium is one of the biggest stages where the Muay Thais are in the field almost the whole city. In addition to Bangkok's many tourist sites, the Museum of Flower Culture is devoted to floriculture, especially the art of flowers in Thailand.

It was Sakul Intakul, an international flower painter from Thailand, who promoted the concept of founding the Flower Culture Museums. At the Dusit Gallery in the Musée..... The NANTA Theatre Show is one of the most important events in Bangkok. Every Wednesday in the MBK-Einkaufszentrum, several hundred spectators come to the free Muay Thai-Boxen.

Jim Thompson House is a Bangkok based homemade James H.W. Thompson businessman devoted to his work. Thompson founded the not world-famous Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company. The Lumpini Parc is a breeze of coolness in the Bangkok cement jungles. This luxuriantly verdant garden is an getaway from the light of Bangkok.

It is the oldest and biggest one in Bangkok. Snake Farm at Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute has become one of the main tourist attraction in Bangkok. The Siam Society (Ban Kamthieng Khamthieng Museum ) was initially a 19 th centurys old building on the shores of Mae Ping in Chiang Mai.

Later it was moved to Bangkok. Today it is the seat of the Siam Society, whose task it is to conserve and support Thai civilization..... Vimanmek is a former Bangkok King's residence made entirely of golden trek. Today a market with ancient furnishings, glass goods, porcelain, old photos and souvenirs from the time of the deceased king.

Saket is a Buddha school in the Pom Prap Sattru Phai in Bangkok. It is especially well known for the Golden Mountain or Phu Khao Thong, an man-made mound topped with a shiny golden di. It is a 15 metre long and is one of Bangkok's landmarks, which can be seen on many post cards.

The building was erected only 2 years after the new capitol Bangkok in 1782 and symbolises the once powerful impact of Brahmanism in Thailand. The name of Klong is a common name for the channels in the Thai plains. A series of clongs once crossed Bangkok..... The Sanam Luang is an open court and a common place, about the same as two soccer pitches, directly opposite the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo.

Soak up the jog in this verdant oasis or just relax and savour the wonders of Thailand's literary and herbal gardens. With its wonderful lakeside, Benjasiri is famous for the 12 modern art works created by artisans from all areas of the world. Make a visit to the very first khao din in Thailand.

Lumphini Park is often called the " Green Lung " of Bangkok and is called after the birth place of Lord Buddha in Nepal. It is the Thai nation's home ground and the home of the Thai soccer world. The BITEC has a number of modern amenities and is a landmark for Thai tradition of heat and accommodation.

Situated in the immediate vicinity of the Bangkok harbour, the deepwater harbour LaemChabang and the..... One of Bangkok's most attractive attractions, this secret home is only a five-minute stroll from the Siam Kempinski Hotel. This is a must for those who love Thailand's cultural heritage and provides an insight into the lives of the current king's family.

Find out more about the Neolithic period of Thailand's culture by visiting the Bangkok National Museum. This was inaugurated by King Rama V to present his father's antiquities and presents. This is the biggest artefact and arts exhibition in Thailand.....

Situated 10 km from Bangkok, the world's biggest alligators' farm is devoted to the training and conservation of wildlife, especially of alligators. People interested in fine and cultural events can browse for endless periods in this modern history gallery through the broadest selection of works of art, modern architecture, opera, music and films in the town.

It houses a series of exhibits by artisans from all over the world and Thailand. Situated in the center of Bangkok's commercial quarter, QSNCC is the host of a variety of activities, which include meetings, trade shows and a wide variety of major global trade shows. Built in 1906, towards the end of King Rama V's rule, this monument is in a new classicist style structure.

The book shows the lifeblood and work of King Rama VII, during whose rule Thailand experienced a shift from the total mono-archy to the constitution. It is said that this garden is named after the dam of King Rama IX, who is said to have spent her energies to improve the quality of living of the Thais.

Situated inside the Dusit Palais, this imposing two-storey building made of pure whitestone is a perfect example of a new classicist Renaissance style. It was an important symbol that had a great role in Thai evolution and was used as the seat of the People's Party during the 1932 war. It is a great opportunity to get to know the different scientific and technological trends in Thailand and makes a funny and instructive trip for families.

On 6 levels the multi-storey building displays objects such as a spacecraft, lifelike reconstructions of Lucyossils, giant man-made soil, fundamental information and technologies..... Gain an insight into the former Thai premier's daily routine while visiting his lovely home. Benjakitti Park, located in the centre of Bangkok, is an omnipresent park around Lake Ratchada.

There is a bike and running course, pedalos, rowing yachts, a skateboard and an area for fitnessmind. The Royal Elephant National Museum, one of Bangkok's less known mysteries, is situated near the Dusit Zoo. In Bangkok the sanctuary is venerated and contains relicts of the Buddha.

The prominent Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church, embedded in a historical quarter on Charoen Krung Road near the Chao Phraya riverbank, is hardly to be missed. It is Thailand's most important Latin- Catholic church, with a story that dates back to 1662. Situated near the Chao Phraya riverbank, the sanctuary is renowned for its Buddha sculpture.

It is 32 meters high and 10 meters wide, dominating the area for 60 years. Work on the sculpture began in 1867 during the king's rule..... In spite of the many footbridges that span the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, there is one that distinguishes itself by its singular atmoshere.

The Rama VIII bridges is called after King Ananda Mahido and is a rope bridges with a one-of-a-kind "A"-shaped tower as the only carrier. The Bangkok Seashell Museum, which stretches over three floors and houses a noteworthy shell museum, is well deserved to be visited. Mussels have long been a part of mankind's entirety, whether as means of payment, instrumental music or in the field of medicine.

You can see 3,000 copies in the exhibition..... Siriraj Medical The Siriraj Medical Museum is situated in Siriraj Hospital and includes six different musees. It contains a series of important objects on the contemporary medical past in.... At the Erawan Musuem, the first thing you see is a huge three-headed sculpture of an 11-year-old male animal at 40m.

It is a well-preserved and..... Situated in the centre of the old town, this contemporary exhibition is far from a normal artefact show. Quite the opposite, when you enter the entrance area you will see wood staircases, ceramics and antique pillars in opposition to contemporary music?

In Thonburi, on the west shore of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, there is the sculpture of King Taksin. This is an important transport hub connecting the Thonburi housing area with Bangkok city centre. Bangkok's biggest outdoor play area, Funarium is a great place to enjoy the days with kids from 0-13 years of age.

Portugueses were the first westerns to establish themselves in the then capitol of Thailand, Ayutthaya, and it is thought that they have existed for 500 years. Attend this state-of-the-art study center for everything worth knowing about the Rattanakosin era (Bangkok Old Town) since 1782.

See the different types of conversation during this time in a 360 degree media show, get to know the Thai way of life through multi-touch technologies,..... On Mahachai Road, Bangkok Corrections Museum was once the seat of Bangkok Remand Prison. Find out more about the violent penalties for perpetrators in Thailand.

In the old Thailand tradition, when a new town is erected, a column symbolizing the strength of the government must be erected. This was the first Chakri dynasty King Rama I erected for Bangkok in front of the Grand Palace when he erected the capitol.....

The King Rama IX is Bangkok's biggest pubic area. It was opened in 1987 for the sixtieth anniversary of King Bhumibol or King Rama IX and is more than just a garden. Aka Wat Phra Si Maha Umathewi or Wat Khaek, Sri Mariamman Tempel is the main Hindu sanctuary in Bangkok.

It is devoted to Lord Ganesha, Lord Karthik and Uma Devi (Sri Mariamman), holds a specific pool six days a week and holds all the important Hindust-feasts. The LumpineeBoxing Stadium is an indoors sports facility known for its Muay Thai tradition of fighting. Played between Thai and international kickboxers, the games are full of suspense and thrills, making them a great diversion for anyone who sees them.

The Victory Monument, erected by the army in 1941, has developed into one of the busiest transport junctions in Bangkok. The Bangkok Folk Muzeum is located in a World War II edifice. There are 4 museums in a single courtyard, three of which are open to the general public. 3 of them are open to the general public. 3 of them are open to the general public. 4 of them are open to the general public. l'Études.

In Bangkok's Phra Nakhon area, Wat Bowon, as it is briefly known, is an important buddhistic sanctuary where many monarchs, among them the present one, used to spend times for practice and ordaining. In 1836, the story of the shrine began when the first monk of Mongkut came here and was trained.....

Situated not far from Wat Pho and the Great Palace, this Buddha shrine was erected during the rule of King Ramah V. The Tempelsaal and the Piago are adorned with five-coloured pottery, while the Tempelsaal is gothic in stylis. Building of the sanctuary began in the nineteenth centuary during the rule of King Ramah III and was only recently concluded due to its many-sidedness.

Its most conspicuous characteristic is the Loha Prasat (Eisenburg or Eisenkloster ), with 37 dark metallic..... Enjoy an afternoons in this intriguing travel documentary that will take you on a trip through Thailand's financial development. Located in Bang Khun Prom Palace, the Bang Khun Prom Palace has 14 rooms showing the story of the Thai money.

The State Tower on Silom Road is a high-rise that is an important part of the Bangkokskyscape. With 68 storeys, the tower is 247 meters high, making it Thailand's third tallest one. Coh Kred is a small artificial islet in the midst of the Chao Phraya River and provides a marvellous getaway from the bustling cityscape.

Koh Kred, home of the ancient Mon municipality of Thailand, is particularly well known for its potteries. Santichai Praha Kan is a vibrant place that is mainly visited by local people and visitors in the afternoons. This river farm provides a breathtaking view of the Bangkok sunsets and.....

The Saranrom is part of a regal castle and is now a popular area. The Khaosan Garden is a secret jewel of Bangkok, hiding in the Khaosan Road. Here you will find many suprises - a trendy café, a café, a bakery, as well as a local history gallery and university. Everything is situated in a perfect location in a beautiful landscape.

Of course you can pay a guided tour of the exhibition..... Let yourself be welcomed by something special when you step into the Prasart-Museums. Some of Thailand's most famous buildings, replicas of buildings and king's mansions, among them the Red Palace, have found their place here. Several of the Thai textures which are the inspirational ones for this exhibition even date.....

Muay Thai boxing's appeal in Bangkok can be measured by the number of stages in which you can witness a game. Rajadamnurn Stadium hosts regular games and the cheers of spectators around the stadium are something not to be missed. The Phra Siratana Chedi is part of the Great Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Mongkonbophit watt is home to a picture of the Buddha that attracts thousands of visitors and people. At 12.45 meters high and 9.55 meters at the broadest point, the bronzed Buddha picture is one of the biggest in Thailand. The Dusit Park Residence contains a monumental building and many other sights that were inspired by King Rama V's first European trip.

Ancient Cloth Museum introduces you to the great diversity of Thai textiles and works of art that show Rama V's travels to Europe. There is something for everyone in Bangkok and especially sport enthusiasts will find something to do here. Improve your sporting abilities at the CrossFit Academy in Bangkok.

First CrossFit branch in Bangkok, the institution strives to improve your level of power, stamina and physical condition to..... Located on the site of Suan Pakkard Palace, the Lacquer Pavilion is a small edifice built by Prince Chumbhot in the at least the seventeenth cent. There are a number of continuous and changing exhibits on the subject of sciences, technologies and outer spaces in the Bangkok Museum of Sciences and Planetarium.

Bang Krachao, a small islet over the Chao Phraya River, is often called the " Lung of Bangkok ". Cycling around the area is the best way to discover the countryside. Rink Arena is one of the most famous in Bangkok and the first of its kind in Thailand.

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