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Follow the rules of the park and the advice of the supervisors. Don't be surprised if strangers give you advice or start a conversation with you. Thailand travel tips, safety tips and health insurance options. The food in Thailand is known worldwide. Has it been safe to travel to Thailand since the King died?

Thailand: Personal safety information

All in all, Thailand is a secure country in which one can go..... The first time you enter your room, make a rapid screening. Does the deadbolt locking system or the locking system work? You know where and how far the fire exits are? You should always keep your passport, currency, cameras, etc. in the room vault or in the room vault usually available at the front desk of the hotels.

Always keep your doors closed and use the spyhole and security string before opening the doors for anyone. The majority of establishments provide visiting greetings in Thai and English. When your accommodation only has tickets in English, ask a representative to put your name, adress and telephone numbers in Thai on a map for you.

Never put yourself in a situation where you cannot be seen or listened to by others when an incident occurs or you need help. The majority of Thailand's bathing resorts do not have bathing attendant shelters. Don't ever subordinate the force of the Thailand' solar system. Once you have settled into your accommodation, go directly to a Seven Eleven shop and fill up the tub.

The Bangkok cabs are very secure and run 24/7. Don't take cabs that park at a hotel or tourist attraction, there are so many that it is much better to stop a cab by. Advice for women: If you have to take a cab home yourself in the evening, a woman member of the Thais gave the following advice: "Don't dress too sexily, thai men like to look at us foreigner, so just dress modestly.

It is part of the Thai tradition to try a tuk-tuk at least once, but it is usually best to try to stay away from it as the main means of transport. When using a tuk-tuk, unlike a cab, you must first arrange the price of the ticket to your final destinations and not settle it before your secure check-in.

It is a good notion to get some "emergency food", especially for kids. There is much to be learned when you observe the Thais, they are often very discrete when they reach for their money, almost to the point of secrecy. The best advice? If you ride a motorcycle or in the back seat of Songthaews, the chain should be well stored in your clothes, or better still, in your room.

It is the police's responsibility to arrange for Urinanalysis, the results of which can be used as proof against you in any subsequent prosecutions and serve as the foundation for your detention for incrimination. Whilst Thailand is the land of smiles, you should be really careful with anyone who comes out of the clear sky, regardless of nationalities.

Although it is widespread by statute, with the exceptions of the Thai state lottery and casual horse racing, all forms of gaming are unlawful. Many cases, Muay Thai boxes and films selling through informal media are void and/or fake. Be always conscious of your environment and pay attention to how you would describe your precise position in an emergenciesituation.

Write down the general telephone number of the Thai Tourist Police, which is 1155, and enter it in your speed-dialist. Apparently, the avoidance of poorly illuminated and apparently unpopulated areas is good practice in the area. Remain in well-lit areas where there are many in number. These include hospitalization in an emergencies, losing your visa, being arrested or suffering serious injuries.

Wear your passport: There is a legal requirement that Thailand's nationals AND all guests must always have a valid ID card with them. It must be produced at the request of a police officer or other lawful government official. Note: It is not always secure, convenient or appropriate to always have your pass with you.

They will help you determine your ID and immigrant credentials if you do not have your ID card with you. Keep in mind that the most important thing you have abroad is your password - keep it safe. Passports should ONLY be handed over directly to embassy personnel or through a serious representative, if not in Bangkok.

In any case, you should ask for a voucher for your pass and make a record of its number.

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