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The tourism industry is of crucial importance for the economic development of a country. Sightseeing, tours, day trips, tour package, show, dinner cruises, bike tour, buffet package, transport service and host family. In Thailand the rainy season lasts from May to October in the north and from November to March in the south. Much of Thailand's income comes from the tourism industry, making it the tourist centre of the Far East. Purchasing is an important part of a Thailand tourist's itinerary.


When you have thought about a holiday resort, there is one place you certainly want to consider, and that place is the land of Thailand. There are many who call this lovely place "the land of smiles", and for good reasons. Thailand is one of those one-of-a-kind places in the worid, endowed with some of the most astonishing touristic and sight-seeing adventure you will ever have.

It is also a place with a beautiful mixture of cultural, traditional and cultural inheritance and its own historic attraction collections that will amaze the onlooker. Learn more about Thailand, tourism and why this beautiful place is known as the Land of Smiles.

Speaking of miracles, Thailand will probably be among the top five. That is one of the major reason why Thailand is one of the most popular travel destination in the atlantic. Whether you' re sightseeing the astonishing Koi Samui Island, the historic Ayuthaya Park or just taking a sightseeing trip in the busy Bangkok town, there are huge groups of sights that make every trip even more beautiful and pleasant.

When you are planning to come to this beautiful land, there are some places you should not miss. Pattaya will certainly be a place you should not miss for those who are looking for destinations. Though this is a place that has a lot to offer when it comes to fun, it also has some of the best places you'll want to see when you come to see - like Chai Mongkhon Temple, Hat Dongtan, Hat Ta Waen Beach, Pattaya Elephant Village, Mini Siam and Hat Naklua.

All these are places to go before you can go out of this beautiful land, and frankly - once you've seen some of these places - your trip can be a foreplay for something more. It is a land of smiles for good reasons.

If you visit places like Chiang Mai, a place that is very old, you will want to prepare for relaxing vacations, adventure tourism, historical places, sights and some of the best walks you will find all over the state. And if you're not yet smiling, you' re sure to be when you visit this amazing place.

Featuring places like Orchard Farm, Namtok Mae Sa, Mae Se Elephant Show, Chiang Mai Temple and Mae Sa Butterfly Farm, these are places where you will really wonder how these kinds of places really are. When you really want to savour a truly unforgettable adventure in the magnificent land of Thailand, the above mentioned places are just a straw on the horizon when it comes to what this lovely land has to boast of.

Tourism in Thailand is on the increase and the reason for this is clear. It is a land that has a great deal to boast when it comes to cultural, traditional and cultural inheritance, but you will find it very difficult for you to travel from the different places and environments once you have been there.

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