Thailand Tourism Situation

The tourism situation in Thailand

Phuket Boats Tourism Updates for Thailand TAT wants to report about yesterday's events in the Andaman Sea just outside Phuket. Royal Thai Government has acknowledged that everything is being done to help all concerned and the searching and rescuing will be continued until all disappeared persons are found.

ACT would also like to extend our sincere sympathy to the relatives and lovers of those tourist who have died. Since the events took place in heavily trafficked water, lifeboats, fishing vessels, maritime patrol and the Royal Thai Navy were able to get to the scene within a few moments to help and carry out the first-responders.

In the early hours of the day, the Royal Thai Navy Third Area Command used four chopper-bearers, four patrolships and a crew of scuba-diving personnel to pursue the searching and rescuing of the lost persons in collaboration with related governments, civil authorities and volunteers/fishers. Officially, three craft were reported to capsize and sink on Thursday, July 5, 2018, due to poor foul conditions and high afternoons.

Phoenix, with 105 persons, among them 93 Chinese and 11 members of the team, was capsizing and sinking at Ko Hei (Coral Island), just to the south of Phuket. Sereniga, another 42-person vessel, with 35 guests, a leader and six members of the garrison, overturned off Ko Maithon, southeastern of Phuket, while a twin-driver plane was capsizing at Ko Racha.

Eight other vessels with 166 people were also beached in Ko Racha. Six vessels and 136 travellers have securely re-entered Phuket since this mornings, while two 30-passenger vessels stay in Ko Racha. As of the date of the letter, all of the Sereniga's passenger and crews, two of the Phoenix's twin-skiers and 49 of the Phoenix's passenger numbers had been onboard.

Investigations and rescues for the 35 surviving Phoenix Passenger continues while 21 persons have been corroborated deaths. Travellers were taken to the Ao Chalong Pier in Phuket, where an ambulance center for tourists is at Phuket's VTMS control center. Wounded were taken to Phuket Provincial Hospital, Mission Hospital Phuket and Vachira Phuket Hospital.

It is up to all the affected agencies to help all the wounded to obtain the best possible health treatment for their wounds and to consult with the family and loved ones of those who have died in order to give them all the help they need. Ministry of Tourism and Sport has declared that it will pay 300,000 Baht per capita in damages to those who died in this atrocity.

The TAT monitors and assesses the situation and will provide further detail in due course. Meanwhile, we would like to urge travelers to gather information from various resources in order to gain a better balance of knowledge of the realities in Thailand so that they can make appropriate travel plans.

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