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Thailand by your journey to the amazing attractions, you will love Thailand. It is the official website of the Ministry of Tourism and Sport of Thailand. TAT, please visit the TAT website:

This is the official website for tourism in Thailand with comprehensive country information. The Thai government has warned tourists not to travel to these areas.

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Bangkok's British Embassy has posted a brief on Facebook and Twitter about some important things to watch out for when you live or travel in Thailand. Prison and other prison environments in Thailand are tough and health care is restricted. Owning very small amounts can result in prison sentences.

You can be sentenced to a long jail term and/or a large fines if you are found to be in the custody of pot. You are at serious peril of being found to be in possession of 20 g of Class A medication at a point of departure from Thailand.

A class A drug is considered to be an amphetamine and an amphetamine or eco drug and drug ownership or dealing is punishable by the same fine as heroine. Importing more than 200 cigarettes per capita into Thailand is against the law, and this is imposed at immigration control at the airports on arrivals; those who cross the threshold may be subject to a fine tenfold higher than the value of the tobacco.

The Thai government imposed a prohibition on the use of tobacco smoke on certain areas of tourism in January 2018, such as Koh Samui, Pattaya and the counties of Phuket, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chon Buri and Songkhla. Smokers who get busted in undocumented areas are liable to a penalty of 100,000 bahts or up to one year in jail.

No vaporizers (such as e-cigarettes and e-baraku) or refilled bottles can be brought to Thailand. They are likely to be seized and could be punishable by a financial penalty or jail sentence of up to 10 years. Selling or delivering e-cigarettes and similar equipment is also prohibited and you could face a large penalty or up to 5 years in jail if found culpable.

A number of UK citizens have been detained for owning evaporators and e-cigarettes. Thailand is a party to the International Agreement on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). The Commission has also recently tightened national laws and banned the sale of ivories. The perpetrators who have been found purchasing or trading these objects could be subject to criminal prosecution and imprisonment or financial penalties.

In general, Thailand is a forgiving and advanced place for travelers travelling with GLGBT. Some of the societies are involved in running lives and there are also welfare institutions. Enmity against travelers to Thailand is scarce, although in parts of Thai societies more tolerance than acceptance is shown for children's right to travel with them. There are no laws on same-sex weddings in Thailand; same-sex weddings contracted elsewhere are not recognized.

No third sex is recognised in Thailand. Read our information and counseling page for the LAGBT fellowship before you leave.

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