Thailand Tourism 2016

Tourist-Thailand 2016

By 2016 Thailand expects 1. 7 million Japanese tourists and will generate 66. Tourism is one of Thailand's main economic sectors, accounting for 6-7% of GDP. The total number of visitors in Thailand rose from 32. to 35 million in 2016.


Touristfigures in Thailand increase by almost nine per cent in 2016

This increase, which only exceeded the Ministry's prediction of 32.4 million visits, came despite the bereavement of Thailand's deceased kings, a series of bomb attacks in the resort, cases of the Zika bug and a breakthrough on some low-budget China touring. The tourism has been a seldom ray of hope for the second biggest South East Asian country, as export has been slow and internal consumption has been dampened since the seizure of command by the army in 2014 to end the country's upheaval.

In 2016, the Department said that almost a third of its entire global shipments came from China, with 8.87 million visits, an 11.8 per cent rise from 2015.

A record 32.59 million tourists will be visiting Thailand in 2016

Thailand-recorded 32.59 million visitors last year when the revenues beat expectations and likely to surpass prior predictions this year by increasing 10 per cent or more, officials said Monday.

After an unbloody putsch by the Thai authorities in 2014, tourism developed better than anticipated. Thailand's tourism authority said on Monday that last year the tourism sector made 2.52 trillion bahts (71.4 billion dollars), an increase of 11 per cent over 2015. She said the country's tourism economy is projected to fetch in 733 billion Bahts ($20.8 billion) in the first quarter of this year, up 8 per cent from the first quarter of 2016.

Officers said their valuations, which cover both overseas and local tourist together, indicate that tourism revenues for all of 2017 may exceed previous projections of 2.77 trillion Bh.

The majority of travellers come from China, South Korea and Japan, attracted by Thailand's year-round hot climate, as well as from West Asia and Thailand's neighbours in Southeast Asia. By far, international visitors are the most profitable for the business community. International flights are estimated at 9.3 million in the first three months of this year, representing a turnover of 490 billion Bahts (13.9 billion dollars).

During the same time frame, approximately 32.5 million Thai travellers made up 240 billion Bahts (6.8 billion dollars). Yuthasak said that a stable global population and a rising number of travellers are explaining the upswing.

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