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Also known as the Land of Smiles, Thailand is a jewel of Southeast Asia. Begin collecting information about Thailand. In Southeast Asia, Thailand is the country most visited by tourists for good reason. Tourism Thailand UK's official blog for tourists visiting Thailand. Easy-to-understand, honest advice for responsible tourism in Thailand to ensure that your trip has a positive impact on the environment and the local population.

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Thailand is a wonderful empire with beautiful isles, wonderful buddhistic churches and alien animals. Thailand has a fascinating story, a truly different cultural heritage, delicious cuisine and youthful massage. Warmer and friendlier individuals make Thailand a country of smile. GeographyThis country's entire surface area is about 514,000 square kilometers.

It is bordered by Malaysia (South), Laos (North & East), Myanmar (West & North) and Cambodia (South East). Thailand's east coastline is bordered by the Gulf of Thailand and the west coastline by the Andaman Sea. There is a Thailand card showing a land where the boundaries are in the form of an elephant's heads.

Thai CurrencyThe Thai Baht is the Thai Baht of Thailand. Speech & CommunicationThai is the Thai flag. Over 92% of the population speak Thai or one of the local languages; English is also widely used in Thailand. It is a popular place for tourism as it offers various touristic amenities for the Thai population for their holidays.

The weather in ThailandThailand is influenced by three different seasons: the peak period (March to May), the wet period with lots of sun (June to September) and the cold period (October to February). Travelling and transport in ThailandTravelling to Thailand is comfortable for the visitor. Thailand can be reached by train, plane or public transport.

If your target is Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai or any other isolated provinces, the transport is no problemat. Flying to Thailand is without a doubt one of the most comfortable ways to get to Thailand. Thailand's centrality makes it a great base for exploring the remainder of Asia. It is also easy to use for internal travel.

Being comfortable, it is a good way to reduce costs and travelling times. Charters from Asia or Europe to Thailand can be in Bangkok, Chaing Mai, Phuket or Hua Hin. Coach & Coach Service in ThailandIt is possible to take a coach from many neighbouring Thai cities such as Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia.

With TrainTraveller from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore you can take the railway to Thailand, but not without changing planes. It can take up to 48hrs to get from Singapore by two changes of rail, first from Singapore to Butterworth via Kuala Lumpur (where you have to change) and then by SRT (State Railway of Thailand) from Butterworth to Bangkok.

ThailandThailand's WHERE TO GO is subdivided into five regions: THANKYAIf in Thailand do not forgotten to become a part of its lively and colorful festival and event. A series of Thai festivities are held every months with great verve and excitement.

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