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A private tour guide in and around Bangkok, Thailand. Get a local guide to help you find your own piece of paradise in Thailand. Thailand Khao Yai National Park Thailand Koh Samui Thailand Pattaya East Thailand Phuket Thailand. Tours in Chiang Mai North Thailand. More Information - Private Tour:

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Get a guide to help you find your own place of heaven in Thailand. Thailands a haven for sun-seekers, the Shangri La of a cultural dog and the dreams of an adventure. The Thai welcome tourists from the secluded mountain towns in the wooded north to the unrestrained turmoil in Bangkok. Go on a personal Thailand tour and explore the mysteries of this magic land with a loca.

And, of course, you can enjoy one of Thailand's sun-drenched shores - your guide knows how to get away from the mob. The guide wants your journey to Thailand to be the experience of a lifetime. Your guide will be happy to help you. Bangkok, Thailand: Bangkok, Thailand: Bangkok, Thailand: Thailand's Tourism Authority (TAT) demands that all tour leaders take a course and complete a set of exams before issuing a licence.

Length and width of the course depends on what type of licence the guide wishes to acquire. A number of licences only apply to certain areas, e.g. Bangkok or northern Thailand. All of Thailand is covered by other licences. As an example, a rose licence will require a 3-month course and will include Chiang Mai & Northern Thailand.

We offer personal guided walks especially for you! Please do not hesitate to ask our guide any of your queries today.

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Thailand is Asia's most important tourist region with sixteen million international travellers each year. But despite this enormous flow of tourists, Thailand's culture has remained largely intact - a land that has skilfully prevented colonisation has been able to take in the influence of the West while preserving its own wealth.

Although the skyscrapers and fluorescent tubes are in the focus of the touristic image, the characteristic Thai municipality is still the peasant town, and one does not have to dare far to meet a more tradional scenery of fishermen's municipalities, gum-plantages, and Buddhistic shrines. About forty per cent of Thais make their livelihoods with the basic food product travel, which is the basis for the country's singular and notorious-cuisines.

After the end of the profound uncertainty of the Vietnam War, Thailand was largely free to continue at a death-defying rate - for some considerable amount of years, in the 80s and early 90s, Thailand had the most rapidly growing population.

However, Thailand's policy could not keep up. With all the changes of the last sixty years, the much-noticed institutional sovereign, King Bhumibol, who is at the head of a sophisticated system of respect that encompasses Thai societies as a whole, has given a certain degree of filibuster.

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