Thailand to Myanmar by Land

Land from Thailand to Myanmar

Myanmar, Thailand - Crossing the land border - Rookie travel diaries Myanmar, a recently opened up to international visitors, is a big puzzle when it comes to getting the right information on the web. One of the most frequent issues many travellers have in mind is how to enter, where to get a visas, where to go, what to do, whether it is a backpackers-friendly destination or not, and it is only right that there is not enough information!

When I was in Thailand in 2016, I chose to explore Myanmar with my backpack. I had enough to plan my journey from Thailand to Myanmar and to make a coarse route on the basis of my research. This is a short report on what I have done to get into this fine country:

In order to travel to Myanmar by land, you must first apply for a permit. From Chiang Mai I went to the Myanmar Embassy, which is located near the North Gate in the Old Town. It' s very simple: take two passportpictures, the originals and a copy of your pass, a name of the guest house where you would stay in Myanmar, fill out the registration and send it all in at the windows and come back after two working for you!

Picked up the one leaving at 8:30 and taking you to your final stop around 15:30 and charged 290 Bhat for an air-conditioned coach. Just go to Thai lmmigration, take care of all the paperwork and voila! You' re out of Thailand! Across the viaduct and head toward Myanmar INS.

You will be asked to enter your data in a registry at the point of arrival and accompany you to the head offiice, where you will fill out another paper, show your identity card, reply to a few basic queries, such as your first Myanmar travel address and the length of your intended sojourn.

Well, as you must have noted on your visas, you only get 28 days' accommodation when you arrive in Myanmar as a traveler. Wellcome to Myanmar! Why it was so intrusive and why I was so interested in where and how I went from there. Later I found out that the Myanmar authorities like to keep an eye on every visitor to make sure he goes to the place he mentions in the registry and only spends the night in one of the state-approved guest houses.

If you are a non-national visitor, you cannot simply spend the night in a guest house, and it is against the law to place you in a host family. Well, the INS guy wanted to make sure we followed all the regulations. Since I had no option, I took a taxi (air-conditioned and very comfortable) and after a 3-hour drive full of wonderful sights and insights into the landscape of Myanmar we reached the Soe Brothers Guest House.

That'?s the thing about Myanmar. All in all it was a quite interesting trip from Thailand to Myanmar over land. Myanmar requires you to settle for your lodging in US dollars. Some areas of Myanmar are not yet open to the public. Lodging in Myanmar is quite expensive.

Host family and camp site are not allowed in the area.

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