Thailand to Myanmar by Bus

Myanmar by bus

At Will Hatton, Myawaddy is a city in southeastern Myanmar in the state of Kayin near the Thai border. Getting to Myanmar by bus from Thailand - Myanmar Message Board The bus will be arriving in Mae Sot early in the mornings. From Karnchanaburi the first bus leaves at 5am and reaches the bus terminal at 7.30am. From here, take a city bus to Phunamron Border Crossing.

The Thai and Myanmar checkpoints are about 4 km apart.

Otherwise, take a morterbiking cab to Myanmar checkpoint. From Chiang Mai you only have to cross the border at Mae Sot-Myawaddy. The bus will be arriving in Mae Sot around 4 pm. Get off at Tak central bus terminal.

Thorn-report Cross from Myanmar to Thailand

Thank you for your statement, although we have all listened to or even reread the messages - there are many messages in English, Thai and Myanmar, some with images of the opening ceremony for these August 28th crossings. At Htee Khee - Phu Nam Ron in Kanchanaburi Provincial, NOT the Three Pagodas Passport, but a crossroads 60km westward of Kanchanaburi and only 190km from Bangkok, which is on the proposed Bangkok-Dawei highway - most recent papers argue that this crossroads, together with the other 3,

Other people only cite the three most important and at least one assertion that you can travel across Phu Nam Ron and get a 1-week visas, whereby your pass is kept at the frontier (not sure which one is correct). To make sure you can get across the line, go to Myawaddy.

I am conscious that there are bus connections between Myawaddy and Yangon - this has been the case for years, but only now will it definitely be permitted for aliens to use these connections (in the past they had to get off at Hpa-an or Thamenyar if they had a through traffic from Yangon to Myawaddy).

You can also rent a vehicle with skipper to take you between Myawaddy and the points further westwards (Kawkareik, Hpa-an, Mawlamyine, Yangon etc.), but the cost must be agreed between you and the skipper. At Mae Sot and Myawaddy you can trade your Baht for Kyat at low prices (or the other way around when you enter Thailand).

I wonder if anyone has any referrals about Myawaddy Hotel? This is so new, however, that few have spent the night in a hotel in the capital (I know where they are within the capital, but I don't know their names) and unfortunately there are still no on-line reservation offices or tourist offices covering Myawaddy, but that could soon be changing.

A Thai intelligence bulletin indicates that by the end of this year a visa may be available on arriving at these 4 interchange points. In addition, two more routes could be opened to the public in the coming few month, among them Dan Singkorn in Prachuab Khiri Khan provinces (for ease of entry to Myeik) and the three-pagoda pass/payathon-to-crossing (for entry to Mawlamyine/Yangon).

In April I went to Mu-se (opposite Ruili/China) (no permission required), but currently a permission is still required to pass the frontier in both directions, it seems. Another intersection that we hope will soon be open to all transport is the Mong Lar/Daluo intersection, which connects Sipsongbanna in the Chinese Yunnan provinces with the Shan state to the east and thus offers the fastest transiting itinerary between Thailand and China (shorter than the present one via Laos).

Indians will cross Tamu later too. Meanwhile, we should get used to these new cross-country trips with Thailand because they are a very good thing for Myanmar and a move in the right directions.

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