Thailand to Myanmar Bus

Myanmar Bus to Thailand

Fires kill 20 Myanmar migrants in Thailand's bus On Friday morning, a fire on a bus in West Thailand murdered 20 Myanmarese migrants. There were 47 employees who had just left the country and left for Thailand to work illegally. The other three persons on the bus were wounded, but the others got away unhurt, said the MP.

"Drivers said they saw fire starting from the centre of the bus and it quickly spread," said Kritkanok Dan-udom, head of Maetor County Precinct Reuters. Thailand's streets have been classified as the most deadly in the worid according to the latest WHO survey.

There are an estimate of more than 3 million migrants in Thailand, many of whom come from the much-poor neighbouring country of Myanmar.

Thailand-related bus accident kills six Myanmar migrants

The World Bank puts the figure at up to 3 million working in Thailand from the poorest neighboring country Myanmar, many of them in lower occupations, with their transfers accounting for 5 per cent of the population. A number of right-wing groups say that labour migrants face hard working environments, and Thailand strengthened the work permit regulations last year.

Twenty immigrant labourers were lost last months in a fire on a bus in the west of Thailand. It can be a harsh business and will bring a leap in the number of fatalities caused by reckless drivers, involving drunken drivers, on which consecutive government action on traffic security has focused. Thailand's streets are considered the most deadly in the rest of the country after Libya's, says the WHO in its latest survey.


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