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A lot of travellers come to Thailand and extend their stay far beyond their original plans and others will never find a reason to go. We have prepared everything for you so that you can decide where to go next. Worried about travelling to Thailand with children? Thailand's islands are famous for their beautiful beaches, relaxed atmosphere and excellent activities such as scuba diving. What is the best place to visit Thailand in July?

Backpacker for 10 sights in Thailand

Thailand is a backpackers heaven. Whether you want to spend the whole of your nights dancing on the full-moon, relaxing on the beach or wandering through the woods, Thailand is the place for you. Here is a shortlist of 10 places everyone in Thailand should visit.

Thailand is Thailand' capitol and biggest town, it is very simple to reach and travelling. From Koh San Road to Royal Town Avenue ( "RCA") there is a night life to suit every taste. You should visit one of the swimming market before going to the next town.

Chiang Mai is about 40x smaller than Bangkok, making it Thailand's second-biggest town... mad to think about! Famed for its swimming lanterns and Sunday evening market, there is always something to do. It is one of the most northerly towns in Thailand and less known to travellers.

Float in a waterfall, explore Pai Canyon, dine at Love Pai Strawberry and hear Edible Jazz tunes. Sleep on Pais Walking Street, where you will find astonishing handmade jewellery. Walk through the jungles, discover secret falls and game, and maybe even meet some rugged critters!

Although it is one of the most famous amusement and leisure resorts in Thailand, you will not find many people there. When you are looking for a quiet place to unwind, Koh Sok National Parc is the place for you. You can cruise through the gardens on a long canoe, swimming in the lovely freshwater, diving off some rocks and end the days in a swimming shed.

Koh Phi Phi Phi, one of the most beloved of them, became a big hit in the film The Beaches with the wonderful Maya Bay (where you can stay on board). If you don't sip a cocktail on the shore, you can walk to the Phi Phi Phi lookout, where you have a wonderful panorama look.

Or you can begin your days on a snorkelling yacht on Bamboo Iceland, feeding apes on Monkey Bay and ending the days with sail into the setting sun. Celebrated for its full moon and crescent celebrations, this isle, where the festival always takes place, from schnapps cruise during the days to jungles and nights on the beaches.

If you don't want to drink, you can have a Thai massages on the beaches or a Yogic and Decontamination Recreation at the Sanctuary.

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