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Burma and northern Thailand. You can find thailand of burma travel book in our library for free testing. The notorious Golden Triangle, once the centre of opium production and trade in Southeast Asia, is located northeast of Chiang Rai near Chiang Saen. Well, I could imagine what the trip would be like. Burma Death Railway Bridge on the River Kwai Tour from Bangkok.

Getting there by coach from Thailand to Myanmar - Myanmar Forum

Hello, I'm going to Bangkok for 2 week at the end of September. I' d like to go to the north of Thailand (Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai) and also to Yangon and Bagan (maybe another town in Myanmar, if you think it's profitable).

bangkok-yaangon by coach lasts about 24h, so better several stations, dawei, dawlamyaing, haan, golden skirt, bagso. the information on videoravelbangkok website is out of date and incorrect, for example myawaddy-haan, 12h, actually only 4h.

I' ll take the Bangkok -Yangoon to Mymar. The name of the entrance point. There is no rail from Bangkok to Yangon, you have to take a coach.

Myanmar and Thailand 3-Week Trip

With the opening of the border a few years ago, travelling to Myanmar (Burma) has probably been on the shortlist of travellers. This low-cost route combines several remote locations in Myanmar (Burma) and northern Thailand. While it can be pretty tough because all transports, but it is your own valuable and little cash you need Just to alert you, Myanmar is probably the most costly land in Southeast Asia right now.

Relax and go through the town. Discover Myanmar's eating on the streets, teach Burmese Shan pasta and the beautiful Shwedagon pit, let Mr. shake you and discover the town by bike. On the second trek today before taking the night coach to Inle See.

Morning, Inle lake. Hire a bicycle and discover this small city and its area. Weingut on the hillside. Morning, Matthew. Morning. 11: Inle lake. Go on a cruise on the quiet sea and savour the many gift stores. Discover the old city and try as much Thai cuisine as possible.

The Doi Suthep Shrine on the hillside and the night lympharket. Indulge in the days in this little sweet city. Chill out, get a good workout, eat a good dinner or hire a bicycle and explore the nearby rolling countryside, warm water sources andfalls. Participate in a Thai cookery course. Visiting the magnificent work of artwork - the Wei├če Tempel.

This is a Buddha town to be enjoyed. The last opportunity to buy memorabilia, get some good Thai cuisine and make some weird sh*t.

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