Thailand to Burma by Land

From Thailand to Burma by land

Is it possible for a Farang to move from Thailang near Mae Hongson to Burma? Land transportation to/from China, India and Thailand is possible, but permission is required for Chinese and Indian crossings. Before arriving at the border, please check with the Thai immigration authorities online.

Land crossings from Burma to northern Thailand - Myanmar Message Board

I plan to travel from Burma to Thailand and since I want to leave Pai for Chiang Mai and drive to Chiang Rai as I have to travel to Thailand to Laos. May I ask whether it is possible to travel by land, for example via Mae Hong Son, as it is near Pai?

Is it possible to go from Burma to Pai? Since it is not profitable to go to Chiang Mai, then 4 hrs to Pai and back to Chiang Rai. Can it be done by land, e.g. via Mae Hong Son, as it is near Pai?

It is not possible to travel by land via Mae Hong Son. They have to go to Tachileik and then take the coach to Mae Sai. It' not really deserving of a ride.

Burmese checkpoints

Other three are Phu Nam Ron/Htee Khee in Kanchanaburi County, Ranong/Kawthoung County and of course Mae Sai/Tachilek in Chiang Rai County. On the Mae Sai-Tachilek crossings, you can reach Mong La on the China frontier with or without a valid visas. The latter is a 14-day passport, which is available at the $10 limit but must be returned the same way you arrived.

When you enter with a valid entry visas, you can meet the legal limit (28 nights for a touristic and 70 nights for a commercial visa), but you must either get a license and a rider for an expansive trip on the Shan to Taunggyi, or for about 1/10 of the cost or less, you can go to Heho or Mandalay and from there you can proceed with your long-haul trips and leave at another frontier.

Soon the Mae Hong Son traverse at Khun Yuam is to be internationalized. This would probably be the next and most available for Chiang Mai when that happens, but in the meantime Mae Sot is probably the best passage, although it will depend on where you want to go, for what purposes and for how long.

And Mae Sot is also severe, but not so stern. With a Myanmar visas, however, you do not have to be worried in either case.

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