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Thai Thai

Navy SEAL also told the football crew that the whole wide planet is observing them. Coren said: "Not only Thailand, but the whole wide planet. "There' s a vast quota of guys from all over the planet who are following every step of the way and want these guys to get out now. "She said the guys are willing to get out of the caves.

"What I think is relevant about this tape is that they say I'm sane. Thailand's saviours needed more than a basic walkie-talkie to talk to each other as they moved through the Tham Luang Nang Non caves. This is how they got through to the Israel-based Maxtech Networks, the manufacturer of small hand-held radio sets.

As a repeater, the company's radio equipment can immediately extend the reach of communications in an area without an existing structure such as a caves. The saviours have at last arrived at the 12 youngsters and their football coaches. However, the task of removing the crew from the flood has only just begun, as a period of monsoons is under way in South East Asia.

Rescue teams are now trying to find the surest way to get the guys and their trainer out of the cavern, as the area is covered by strong rains. That' s what the parent of the lost boy said when their son was found living in a caves in Thailand. Goverment says the guys and their trainer are strong enough, the rescue workers don't have to hurry to get them out and it's important that they get strong before they can get out of the caves.

"I' d like to tell you that the guys have been in there for more than 10 years now. "China and Thailand:" SEAL Rear Admiral Aphakorn Yoo-kongkaew said at the Thai Navy SEAL rereare... "We' ve been told by the assistant governor of Chiang Rai here, and he said if they can, if it's appropriate and if it doesn't endanger the security of the young people, they'll get them out this evening.

The time is unclear: Captain Akanand Surawan, commandant of the Royal Thai Navy, said yesterday evening that the officials will provide the crew with four months' food. Youngsters and the football trainer caught in a Thai cavern seem to have suffered only minor wounds involving a rash, according to Thai Navy SEALs who arrived at the football club.

Saviours also tried to install telephone wires so that they could speak to their families, but so far the wires can only go 300 metres (almost 1,000 feet) into the caves. One Thai officials said that they will take the members of the football club out of the caves according to their strengths.

"A few people in the papers have asked if we can take these guys out until today.

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