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Off the irresistible influence of the beach, Thailand is slightly cooler, leafier and more artistic. From Bangkok to the surreal and quiet islands. Take part in meaningful charitable projects and adventurous trips through Thailand. Join us on an incredible adventure on one of our famous Thailand tours! If you discover Thailand, you will fall in love.

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There are more things in Thailand than the beauty of the sea that hurts your eyelash. Even after centuries, this vibrant land is still the top hot spot for travellers and a place for bathers and cultural enthusiasts. Have a look in our Thailand travel guides and find out why..... Thai, also known as Siamese, is the Thai officially used in Thailand, but many English is used.

Thailand Baht (THB). $100 Thai Baht is about $2. 70 US dollars. UnderTC +07:00, so Bangkok is 12 hrs ahead of New York and 15 hrs ahead of LA. Welcome to Bangkok, one of the funniest and most colourful towns in the canyon. Drive to Chiang Mai to the northern side to hike to distant mountain tribes communities and swim with elephant before sitting back, celebrating and scuba-dipping in the midst of the world's most stunning isles?

You can buy a can of Thai brew in a coffee bar or store for only 40THB (about $1.30). One Sangsom andoda Buckets can range from 124THB ($3. 50) to 300THB ($8. 50) and is best used! Tasty Thai road meals only 50THB ($1.40). An elementary dormitory room in Bangkok can costs as little as 125THB ($3. 50); await you to be paid on the southern islands such as Koh Phi Phi.

A medium-priced room for two in a room in a room or guest house costs from $12. 4* rooms are about $30-40. Taxi costs about 5TBH (14ยข) per kilometer, after the upcharge. One 6 miles drive should be under 120THB, and from the Khao San Road International Airports, you are expected to be paying between 355-535THB ($10-15).

One 10 hours coach ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is approximately 500-600THB ($14-16). From Bangkok to Phuket a 12-15 hours drive is 1000THB ($28). Cruises between the island are about $10. What is the best period for a trip to Thailand? Thailand is the hottest and driest period of the year between October and April.

Don't let the monsoon put you off, the beach is calmer, the prices of hotels are often lower and the rains only last a few hour, so it's a good backpacking season. Journey with us to Thailand..... From Phuket you will spend a whole weekend snorkeling, swimming and partying around Koh Yao Yai, Koh Raja Noi, Koh Haa, Phi Phi Phi and Raj.

From Bangkok we travel southwards to explore, celebrate and chill out on eight of the world's most beautiful island and beach for 18 outings. From Khao Sok National Park you will jump to Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Phi Phi Phi and beyond with a small group of great like-minded travellers and an energy-packed guidebay.

From Bangkok you travel through the amazing Ranong and Chumphon Province, visit Khao Sok National Park from a waterfront and go snorkelling in the Andaman Islands. This route starts in Bangkok and leads you to the three pearls of East Thailand: Extend your feet, it's a hell of a trip.

From Phuket to Krabi you will explore the best Andaman archipelago for nine whole nights, among them Koh Phi Phi Phi, the backdrop of The Beach. Will I need a Thai entry permit? You will receive a free of charge visas upon your arriving in Thailand as long as you are in the possession of a US travel document with a minimum of six month expiry date and evidence of a connecting flight permit from the United States.

You may stay 30 nights in the land, but you can prolong this to 60 nights for a charge. What do I need to do to renew my Thai Tourism Visas? In Thailand we get that 30 nights is hardly enough to scratch the surfaces; one could get bogged down for week on one of the beautiful isles.

In order to renew your visas for another 30 nights, you will need to go to the Thai Immigration Bureau in Bangkok or find an agents who can get in touch with you for an additional charge. Costs are currently around 1,900THB ($53) per 30-day. Max. duration of your holiday is 90 nights. Here is even more Thailand inspirations.....

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