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In the middle of the 14th cent. a united Thai empire was created. Until 1939 known as Siam, Thailand was the only South East Asia nation that was never taken over by a single Euroregion. Allied with Japan during World War II, Thailand became an associate of the United States in 1954 after having sent forces to Korea and later fought alongside the United States in Vietnam.

Since 2005 Thailand has seen several waves of civil unrest, among them a 2006 armed conflict that displaced then Prime Minister THAKSIN Chinnawat, followed by large-scale road demonstrations by rival groups in 2008, 2009 and 2010. THAKSIN's youngest sibling, Chinnawat won the 2011 Puea Thai Party and took power over the state.

YINGLAK's leaders were almost immediately confronted by the historical floods at the end of 2011, which flooded large parts of the land and were threatening to flood Bangkok itself. In Bangkok, a general law of pardon for people engaged in road protest, amended at the last moment to cover all police offences, involving all condemnations of THAKSIN, sparked great outrage.

At the end of 2013, protests by former vice-president SPD Thaugsuban demanded the creation of an un-elected "People's Council" to take the place of YINGLUCK's administration and reforms Thailand's policy. In December 2013 YINGLUCK disbanded the Bundestag and put forward a new elections for February 2014. The Thai Constitutional Court annulled the March 2014 elections because they were not concluded in the whole country within one single working days.

Thailand has also seen violent events in connection with the ethno-nationalist uprising in Thailand's south-eastern Malay-Muslim mainland. The Central Intelligence Agency, 2013.

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