Thailand Situation today

Situation in Thailand today

Thai cave boys write letters to their families: Thailand's situation today - Bangkok Forum hello! i want 2 visits shhai for a it enough sure to go there with their policy situation these days?

mr. Crimson sharted group TV depression same at matter 6 were attempt by M-16 and 60 were outraged. We are talking about those who want to see the democratic process and those who do not want to loose control.

Hopefully the situation will improve....such a nice land and those who are taken as hostages by the politicians..... Things are not looking very good when the army and protesters are fighting on the street. After the operation at Bumrungrad Hospital, I would recommend that you continue if that's what your journey is for.

I had a practice 75% less expensive than the one in the city' s hospitals. Not as a medicinal situation. Bangkok Central is currently not secure. There' s not much going on, two men were murdered over night and the situation is perilous. All I can say at the moment is that I am in Bangkok and all I can say is that I am paying a lot of heed to the current situation.

Watched on TV that the red-haired headman Weera Musigapong went to the cops after the announcement to end the outcry. I' m hoping things will get back to normality soon. Hopefully you will join the discussion by publishing an open subject or start a new one.

Can Cave Rescue also save the Thai government?

Mr Chachavalpongpun is a Thai policy scholar specialising in Thailand. On Tuesday, when the last members of a junior football club captured in Tham Luang Cave in the north of Thailand were liberated, it was not only they who were saved. At least for a while, the governing regime also seemed to evade critique of its authors.

It was a seldom opportunity for Thailand's army leaders - who have been in office since the fall of an electoral rule in 2014 - to show a smoother, more sympathetic and effective face. It was an exceptional bailout to counter the normal allegations that the regime is constantly altering its so-called roadmap to democratisation to postpone the next elections and take little account of fundamental liberties or people.

Last month's meeting of Prayuth Chan-ocha in Europe had a negative impact on his administration. While she celebrated her invitation to Great Britain and France, UK Premier Theresa May appealed for "free and open elections" in Thailand. A welcome change from all this was the case of the captured boy and his trainer: a hair-raising tragedy without culprits in power, which could unify the land and divert it from the political world.

Authorities began to collect official funding for the bailout and asked voluntary and donations-even peasants to flood their land with Tham Luang Cave waters. The Council instructed important civil servants to monitor the situation carefully. Occidental regimens, some of them with penalties against the Prayuth authorities, sent scuba diver and health workers to help.

and brought a mini-sub. It was not used.) The bailout went beyond rifts, and for a while at least, the regime seemed to be above policy. Saman Kunan, a former Thai Navy SEAL, died during the bailout, even brought with him an air of victimhood.

The Tham Luang caves are a sanctuary for Jao Mae Nang Non, a mythic prince whose ghost is to be there. The majority of Thais are believing Buddhists and believe in miraculous forces, and the crowd at this place asked the ghost to let the young and their trainer go free. This feeling was cleverly knocked on the door by the authorities by giving Phra Khuva Boonchum, a venerated wood mediaeval friar, entrance to the den so that he could carry out rituals for the benefit of the cubs.

He foretold they would be safe before they were found, and so the regime seemed to have been sanctified when they were eventually released. Also King Maha Vajiralongkorn had a role in giving the monks a robe - and anointed them with the impressive image of the empire worshipped in Thailand.

Wednesday, Mr Prayuth answered journalist queries about a possible Hollywood adaption of the rescue and said that the permit must first be obtained from his regim. Although the guys and their trainer have been released, the remainder of the nation is still being held captive by a ruling regime that will not give up its clout.

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