Thailand Road Map

Road Map of Thailand

This map shows cities, villages, highways, main roads, railway lines and airports in Thailand. Go back to see more maps of Thailand. The Thailand roadmap shows the borders to the surrounding countries, cities and large islands. Road map, detailed maps, travel, tourism, atlas, road, topography, city, for independent travellers. A collection of detailed maps of Thailand.

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They do not provide topographical information beyond streams and seas. The road system does not indicate any distance, but shows the location of the filling station. Every map has a very large bi-lingual imprint that highlights not only various sights, but also official building and/or institutions such as school, health centre, etc.

Information is not provided outside Thailand. IMPORTANT: The map uses small, often invisible icons to show the places of the towns with their name in small letters, so that even known places like Chiang Mai are not easily found without a good understanding of the separation of Thailand into provincial administrations.

Detailled, clearly arranged large road map of Thailand

Thailand facts and information..... Thailand, or the Kingdom of Thailand as it is formally called, is located in the heart of Southeast Asia. Not only is Bangkok the country's capitol, it is also the country's biggest town. Approximately 3/3 of the Thai are of Thai descent and the China community accounts for about 14% of the total populous.

Some Malay people also live in Thailand. There are estimated to be about 2.2 million irregular and lawful immigrants in the state. It has also attracted many expatriates from the West. Thailand is the one of the major and offical languages of Thailand. Many of the people of China who live in the countryside also speak the Mandarinese.

It is one of the most faithful Buddhaist peoples in the whole wide globe and as such Buddhism is the major religious tradition of the Thais. Indeed, more than 94% of Thai adhere to Theravada Buddhism. Islam is the second biggest religious group in the land. Thai civilization was affected by the civilizations of China, India, Cambodia and other South Eastasia.

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