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Well-being guide to popular destinations in Thailand to improve your mental and physical health. It is a beautiful tropical island in Thailand with white sand and breathtakingly clear blue water. Bangkok and resorts such as Pattaya, Ko Samui and Phuket. Luxury hotels, exclusive services and tips for a romantic trip to Thailand. The Khaolak Hotels & Resorts Guide in Khao Lak Beach, Thailand with special internet prices.


In Thailand there are several hundred sandy spots where the sands are either pearl or butterscotch coloured and the waters are so clear that you can explore the sea floor. Throughout the year Thailand is also a tourist attraction, because when one part is moist, another is always sober.

Thailand's shores are, however, one of the least guarded mysteries of Southeast Asia. But I have found that even the liveliest and most evolved isles and coasts have calmer, more genuine shells. Krabi's coastline can compete with Vietnam's Halong Bay. Far from the ocean, the sandy beach is surrounded by lush greenery.

It is one of the most amazing Thai shores I have ever seen, and it is still intact. TBKAAK is my chosen from Krabis Strands, where one of my favourite resorts in Thailand - which bears the name of the resort - is situated on the sandy outskirts in a garden that merges easily with the surrounding area.

Tubkaak Resort is small enough to make you experience a sense of privacy and the personnel are very alert. It' seafront season, with long-tail boating across the tranquil waters to the lime stone islets for a luncheon, dining in a secluded bay. Krabi is a very peaceful, idyllic trip or a mere relaxing fantasy of a broader culture trip through Thailand.

Located on the western seaboard of South Thailand, Krabi has its own international airports with non-stop services from Bangkok. It' difficult to speak about Thailand beach and disregard Phuket. Thailand?s biggest isle is dangling off the western shore, directly opposite the quiet Krabi. It is a large, busy archipelago, where large, anonym hotel are a real life, but unspoilt shores live if you know where to look.

Pansea Beach is unspoiled and one of the best places in Phuket I have ever been to. Both resorts have tile pool, unique to Phuket to my mind. The Pansea Beach is for those who are looking for luxurious accommodation at the top of the range in a peaceful yet well-connected area.

The Phuket airport is 20 minutes away by car. Surin is situated on one of Phuket's most beautiful sandy whitewashed shores, protected by the tranquil, palm-fringed Pansea Bay. Amanpuri is probably a bathing place that is unparalleled in Southeast Asia. Pavilions and villas are situated in green tree-lined gardens next to the unspoilt sands.

I' d urge you to take some free minutes to explore the old town of Phuket. It was devoured into the city of Phuket, but it was a flourishing Portugal commercial harbour in the early 1900s, as its splendidly decayed architecture will attest. Phuket is the best season to be visited from mid-October to April, when the western shore is sunny under the clear sky and the ocean is calm.

Approximately one hour's car ride from Phuket, across the Sarasin Bridge to the western shore of the continent, Khao Lak has a rough and rural feel, unlike the islands of Krabi and Phuket. Khao Lak is a traditionally fishermen's town with a powerful Thailand style that is reflected in its market.

Pine and acacia groves replace the palms that give Khao Lak a decidedly Mediterranean flavour. Khao Lak is more secluded and extensive than some of Thailand's more crowded seaside resorts such as Phuket and has so far prevented becoming one of Thailand's next major resorts. It is a sparsely frequented coastal area with a variety of accommodations, from basic seaside cottages to luxurious five-star resorts.

It is still an attractive seaside resort for family travelers to Thailand, which is mirrored in the wide choice of accommodations. Ramada Khao Lak Resort is an inexpensive resort with a children's area. I like Bangsak Village in Khao Lak, 15 min drive from the center of Khao Lak, but on a sandy spot in the nowhere.

Similan Islands are a naval nature reserve and are chosen as one of the top 10 diving spots in the whole wide range of sea creatures and corals. Bangsak Village is located on the wonderful sandy beach of Khao Lak in southern Thailand and provides convenient, roomy and classy shelter.

The closeness to Khao Sok National Parks and the associated activities is one of the greatest assets of Khao Lak's Archer. It is the vastest area of the South Thailand rain forest with a spectacular karstic landscape and many Orchid, bird and mammal species such as elephants and stags.

If, like me, you find that you can start feeling tired on the shore, the theme area is a tone of action and discover. Especially for the family, the combination of Khao Lak and Khao Sok National Parks opens the doors to a rest where beaches and adventures are in balance. Situated about an hours country drive from Khao Lak, the reserve is easily explored from Khao Lak.

If I had to be a shipwrecked person somewhere on Thailand's eastern coastline and the Gulf of Thailand, it would be Koh Samui. Likewise, the airfield - mainly a wood cabin - radiates the feel of a subtropical isle. Up until a few years ago, Koh Samui gave its principal source of livelihood to coconut, and orchards covered the isle.

One can hardly move for a coconut and when you fly in the islands appear like a lush vegetation that is kept by the blue ocean. In many ways Koh Samui can be compared to Phuket. Some of the most crowded are on the eastern side of Koh Samui. However, Bo Phut Beach is still an old fishermen's town.

I suggest you concentrate on Koh Samui and don't even venture to the other side of the isle. You can also drive for a full outing to Angthong National Marine Park from Koh Samui, a sheltered, undeveloped small archive where you can see sharks, sea dolphins, sea tortoises and makak.

However, if you can go outside the Easter and holiday season, you will find calmer sandy areas and better value for you. The Anantara Bo Phut Resort has become one of the most sought after resorts on Koh Samui isle. From Bangkok it is only two hour drive, followed by a 10 minute speed boat trip to Koh Samet, making it the best available top of the range city.

It is a calm target (only one nautical metre in width and five nautical leagues ) and after three or four working day your foot itches. The first stop after a plane ride is where this is really good if you want to take a few relaxing nights. Paradee is one of my favourite accommodations on Koh Samet, a paradise residence with swimming pools on the most remote part of the isle.

The dryest of the islands. Situated on the south tip of Koh Samet, this quiet, peaceful and peaceful place is a good option for those who want to escape from everyday life.

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