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Travel to Thailand

Particulièrement la Thaïlande est une destination parfaite pour des vacances avec un sac à dos. C'est facile de s'y rendre. Vous voulez aller en Thaïlande pour la première fois et vous ne savez toujours pas où ? Je suis revenu il y a quelques jours de mon premier voyage en Thaïlande. Portail de voyage pour la Thaïlande et les hôtels thaïlandais aux meilleurs prix.

Busy Bangkok, Dream Islands and the enchanting North

In 2 week you can see Thailand in detail, from exploring old neighborhood market towns to the breathtaking sandy shores of Koh Samui. You' ll see historic landmarks such as the bridge over the Kwai River and the Ayutthaya World Heritage Site temples and hike up and down the Chiang Mai hill!

This tour gives you a good idea of what Thailand has to offer when you visit old monasteries, hike in the jungles, spend quality holidays with a host family and end up in a seaside resorts. Stroll through a World Heritage Site, hear the cheering gabbons, encounter some of the mountain people and unwind on sandy shores!

This tour will take you mainly through northern Thailand, which includes Sukhothai (a former Thai kingdom) and the old Lanna cities of Lampang and Chiang Mai. North is known for its untouched countryside and mountain peoples, which are definitely a must. The Golden Triangle is at the top, the place where Thailand will meet Myanmar and Laos.

With all these astonishing experiences, you will have the opportunity to unwind on the sandy shore of the beautiful tropic isle of Samet before you return home. This is a great journey for those interested in a relaxing experience with lots of untouched countryside and classical sands. The city of angels will take you by overnight trains and mini-vans to the beautiful south of Thailand.

Get prepared for new adventures like awakening on a magic pond float, walking through the rainforest, exploring new flavours and scents, relaxing on breathtaking shores, exploring old neighbourhoods, meeting local people and much more. Greetings to Thailand, the land of the smile! To the north you will live with a host family in the rural areas and can hike further up.

In the south it is known for its beautiful tropic isles, sandy beach and beautiful marine life. There' is ample time to taste the astonishing cuisine of Thailand, get to know rarely seen places of interest and indulge in leisure pursuits such as biking through the countryside and visiting temple sites.

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