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The weekly UN news bulletin has begun: "I hope for good news today," he said. Cave Rescue Thailand under several miraculous rescues in recent history. Thailand- This work of art shows the saved students and those who saved them from the caves. It follows a series of injuries, one of which resulted in a amputation of the legs. Twelve week abroad, two of them in a nasty situation after being bit by a gnat.

He was accused of homicide after he shot a man who was thought to have stolen the fruits. In a Buddhist rite, most of the saved Thai soccer players shaved their minds to ordinate them as newcomers. They' re supposed to live nine nights in a convent, a custom for Thai men in need.


The pictures show quarantine juveniles in hospitals as scuba diver broke their silences about the hazardous bailout. A group of Thai youngsters changing the life of their islanders through their footballing passions. Kittens wearing surgery mask and lying on their bed will rest for 10 nights in Chiang Rai Hospitals.

Cubs and their trainer, rescued from the North Thai Caves, have gained an approximate weight of 2 kg, but they are doing well. The last members of the Thai soccer crew caught in a flood caves are rescued and end a tragic bailout. The bailout ends when 12 members and coaches of the junior soccer club are brought out of the cavern in the north of Thailand.

Getting eight youngsters and their trainer out of the caves could take a few months, but the Sunday's victory gives us hope that it will work out. After their disappearance two week later, several young men were saved from a caves in Thailand. Emergency operation begins with the evacuation of the young and their trainer from the cavern in the north of Thailand after they were captured for two wards.

Coaches of the soccer club apologize to their families for bringing the young to the caves almost two week after they were captured. Teachings from the iridescent salvation of 33 captured Chilean mines in 2010 can provide some precious teachings for the Thai bailout. Killing is the first big blow in the quest to save the soccer crew.

Emergency services are working to get the 12 guys and their trainer out, which includes a dive crasher course. Thailander young caught in the Tham Luang den are undergoing a medical check, as rainfall predictions put the emergency response under deadline tight.

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