Thailand Population 2013

Bangladesh Population 2013

There are currently about 69 people in the Kingdom of Thailand. 2 % increase over the population in the 2010 census. Thailand's demography paints a statistical portrait of the national population. 2013, 64,456,695, 748,081, 426,065, 322,016, 11. 6, 6.

The State of Thailand's population in 2013 is available for download.

Thailand  Population 2013

There are currently about 69 persons living in the Kingdom of Thailand. Fifty-two million Americans, that's about six. 2 percent growth over the population in the 2010 survey. Thailand's population is more than its neighbour Malaysia, but less than its other neighbour Vietnam. The population of the region has grown steadily over the last 50 years.

In relation to the overall area of the state and the population, the population concentration is about 351 persons per sq m. The population of the region is about 351 in all. It is estimated that the Kingdom of Thailand has about 70 inhabitants. Seventy-seven million by 2015. It shows a growing rat of about 1. 8%, as the fertility is about 11.

There are 5 fatalities per 1000 persons and the mortality rates are around 7. 9 fatalities per 1000 persons. In the next 5 years the fertility will drop to about 10. The mortality rates rise from 5 childbirths per 1000 persons to about 8. 4 fatalities per 1000 persons.

For this reason, population increases will decelerate as it approach 71. In 2020, 92 million persons, a figure of about 3.5% of the population. Until 2025, the fertility will fall further if the mortality ratio increases. Its population will be around 72.

A group of 73 million poeple showing a 4. 6% growth from the present population. By 2030, however, the fertility will be around 9.8 and the mortality will be only slightly lower at 9.7. For this reason, the population will only be 73. Fifteen million group that is an change of single active 5. 2% of the flow group.

Then, in 2035, the mortality rat exceeds the birthrate, as the population is expected to reduce to 73. 099 million in 2035, which is a 5. 1% rise from the present population. There will be a widening gulf between the two ratios as the population decreases further by 2040 as it rises to 72.

A population of 56 million, an increase of about 4. 4% from the present population. A recent analysis of the demography of the Kingdom of Thailand revealed that about 75% of the country's overall population are Thai ethnical. Approximately 14% of the population are Thai Chinese. Other 11% were either undetermined or fall into a sparsely settled ethnical group.

Most of the population of the Kingdom of Thailand practice Theravada Buddhism, which is the formal one. Approximately 95% of the population practice this faith. But regardless of this high proportion of one particular faith, there is a high level of acceptability and popularity throughout the state. Islam is the next biggest religions in the county, accounting for about 4% of the population.

That part of the population mainly live near the Malaysia/Borders. Since such a high proportion of the population practises Buddhism, it is a major factor in daily life. To show rage towards others or to tell a lie is both very disgraceful deeds in the state. In addition, the familiy is very important for the community and the people in Thailand.

There are two different types of sport in the Kingdom of Thailand:

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