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There were violent political conflicts in between. While the junta is drawing attention to the future of the economy, it is neglecting today's poor. This conservative counter-reaction restored the era of military rule that we are experiencing today. Another cartoon made a sharp point about Thai politics. ECAP THAILAND POLITICS POL GOVERNMENT THA.

Thailand politics: Not a land for young men?

However, Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit sees little chance of imitating her election victory, even though the regime, which took over in May 2014, is holding next year's election as planned after several shifts. The Thanathorn Future Forward celebration started this months with a big brass band and the pledge to call on the people.

However, the powers that have shared Thailand for a whole generations are also mobilising - and demonstrating their continued presences four years after the putsch, which repressed a "red" popularist regime in the name of ending the unrest with a "yellow" royalist élite. Thanathorn' s political group had not even been officially formed before he was attacked by Ultra-Royalists.

"Forward to the futures..... It' s the dawn of the new age for those who want to hinder the King' s rights," writes Rienthong Nanna, a pensioned Major General, on Facebook. Danathorn refused to make a statement on the empire - an issue that few can talk about in the face of the toughest rules in the game. It has rejected the allegations of anti-monarchy, although its political parties have also been praised by some of Thailand's loudest exiled.

The Horn of Thanath is not a complete novice. He has been part of the campaign against impoverishment and disparity since his studies, although in recent years he has devoted more hours to leading the Thai Summit Group established by his deceased dad and to ultramarathons in the Arctic and Sahara. It is still questionable whether his political group will be able to gain it.

Thailand's policy will depend on appeasing the country's militaristic and extremist elites, said Joshua Kurlantzick of the Council on Foreign Relations in the United States. Pyyaphong Klinphan, a spokesperson for the ruling party, said the electoral committee was responsible for registering, but the ruling party would ensure that no one could interfere with the safety or violate the bill.

In Thailand, it was generally noted that the Futures Forward colour is a mixture of old rivals' reds and yellows, although the parties have said that this is inadvertent. The " Rotes Hemd " encampment features followers of the displaced former premier Thaksin Shinawatra, the last multimillionaire to stir up Thai politics, whose popularist politics received assistance from peasants, the impoverished and the densely settled north-east.

"Convincing all kinds of citizens to come back and believe in parliamentarian democracy," said Mr Tanathorn, a three-child ancestor. He dissociates himself from Thaksin's populist attitude, which was toppled in 2006 and escaped a condemnation of bribery that he considers politically motivated. A uncle of Tanathorn was serving as Thaksin' s Secretary of Traffic and Thaksin' politician welcomed Thanathorn's faction more than the Ultra-Royalists.

Thanathorn' s faction, however, has hardly begun to establish the basic structure that has been helping the political groups associated with Thaksin since 2001 to gain every vote. Everyone said they would stay at the Pheu Thai Fest, whose guides went to Hong Kong and Singapore last months to meet with Thaksin.

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