Thailand Political Situation Update

Political situation in Thailand Update

Political update on the situation in Thailand. Thailand's political situation remains unpredictable. After our last update there was a new development on the current political situation in Bangkok. With regard to the political situation in Thailand, Mr Anutin referred to the possible revival of the political forces led by Thaksin Shinawatra in this year's parliamentary elections. Since the coup d'├ętat in May last year, the political crisis in Thailand has intensified.

Situational report: Policy developments in Thailand (9 December)

Thailand's Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said she had been seeking regal agreement to the dissolution of the lower chamber and re-election as soon as possible to reassure the political situation. Ms. Yingluck's proclamation came when a large number of individuals joined different anti-government groups in massive walks from different places through Bangkok to GH.

It is recommended that visitors be alert and stay away from areas where masses of people are gathering and listen to stories in the regional press about the fate of anti-government groups' protests. We must emphasise that the political demonstration is not targeting tourism. Bangkok's touristic sights and activites are open and functioning as usual.

In order not to get stuck in dense roads when traveling within the Thai capitol, it is recommended that visitors use other means of travel such as BTS sky train, MRT underground, Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link's expressway and urban rail services and sea transports (ferries, yachts, long-distance ships and reconstructed hotel travel ships). Airline companies in Thailand and abroad offer services between Bangkok and Thai towns and airports all over the globe.

There is no need to change the way you travel - buses, taxis, skytrains, subways and boats. Passengers departing from the international airports Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang in Bangkok are recommended to allow more or at least four hour prior to board. A 24-hour assistance center is available at Suvarnabhumi Airport in the CIP5 room on the third level of the Airport with a hotline on +66 (0) 2132 1999 and via +66 (0) 2132 8999.

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