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Discover what the best destinations in Thailand are, awarded by millions of real travelers. Find out why you should visit each of these top destinations in Thailand. It is a dream come true. We' ve found the most beautiful places in the country. While there are many fascinating places to visit in Thailand, it is the seaside resorts that attract the majority of foreign visitors.

Fifteen places of interest in Thailand

Thailand has so many great tourist attractions that it can take years to see them all. Thailand offers all kinds of travellers and budget from its hundred isles to its capitol. During our latest journey to Thailand we explored for four whole week nationalparks, old remains, untouched island and contemporary citys.

This is our top 15 places we think you should not miss on your next Thai outing. The Ayutthaya is a magnificent historic reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Just an hour's car ride from Bangkok, it is an easiest and most enjoyable outing.

The Ayutthaya was the second capitol of Siam (Thailand) for 417 years from 1350 to 1767 until its demolition by the Myrmes. Burma's troops burnt down the town in their assault, destroying holy chehdi's and Buddha-statures. Today much of Ayutthaya has been excavated and its remains constitute an archeological area.

Guests can circumnavigate the remains with a certain amount of liberty to see splendid monasteries, castles and Buddha-statures. There are several prominent structures in the area. Of them are Wat Phra Ram Temple, Wat Chaiwatthanaram Convent and Wat Phra Si Sanphet. When you have completed your tour of the site, don't miss the Buddha heads behind Mahathat Temple.

For the new capitol, the Grand Palace building was erected, a 218,000 square metre bricked in town with king's mansions, enthroned buildings, administration bureaus, buddhistic shrines and invaluable works of work. Adequate clothing is needed, as with all places of Buddhism, and the Great Palace is the most severely forced place in the state.

Bangkok's Grand Palace is a must in Thailand. For a good impression of everything there is to see and do, we suggest you come to HolidayMe to schedule your Thailand-adventures. Thailand's market is thrilling, vibrant and an important part of the country's population.

Damnoen Saduak Swimming Market is about an hours and a half from Bangkok. It is known as the "Rose of the North". "Expatriates from all over the globe are tempted by Chiang Mai's relaxed cultural life, wonderful buddhistic shrines, numerous fine dining and a lively all-nighter. If you are not planning to move here, you should definitely get to know Chiang Mai's busy purchasing environment.

The town organizes its overnight business every evenings - a favourite among shopper. The Chiang Mai's Sunday Nights Walking Street lasts from 4pm to noon. In Chiang Mai, a visit to the Elephant Park is an exhilarating and memorable eco-tour for wildlife-fans. The Elephant Nature Park is a sanctuary and rehab centre for maltreated, older and wounded Asiatic cats.

The lifeguard and her staff of carers, veterinarians, grounds keep each lifeguard quiet and healthy for the remainder of his lifefant's natural year. Currently consisting of 30 members, the flock can walk, swim, eat and communicate with the visitors in silence.

The income from the entrance fee is used to feed the elephant (each one uses almost 100 lbs of food a day!) and the general care of the farm. Click HERE for rates and information on daily excursions to the parks. The Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai offers the unique chance to be at eyeline with some of nature's most amazing beasts of prey, the tiger!

The Tiger Kingdom is a half hours ride from the centre of Chiang Mai to the centre of Mae Rim. At the same time, our visitors are accompanied through the garden at all hours. Only 30 minutes by car from Chiang Mai lies Bo Sang, a viila specialized in handcrafted shades made of hand made umbrella.

The Wat Rong Khun, or "White Temple", is a conspicuous, artistic Buddhistic template situated 20 minutes by car from Chiang Rai. Designed and constructed by the Thai painter Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat, the White Tempel has become a real tour delicacy. While the White Temple's style does not correspond to the style of other Tibetan Buddhist churches throughout Thailand, this was the artist's intent.

To symbolise Buddha's unadulterated naturalness, he opted for whites instead of the traditional golden colour. Since its inception, the Weiße Tempel has been both a thoughtful work of artwork and an impressing place of adoration. There are cafés, gift shop and restaurant around the cemetery. The entrance fee to the church is 30TB.

Here you can reserve a sightseeing trip through Chiang Rai! Thailand's mountain peoples' communities are known for their colourful clothing, handcrafted handicrafts and singular traditions. Among the mountain trunks living on the edge of Chiang Rai are the Akha, Lahu, Palong, Lu Mien Yao and the Karen "Long Neck".

They can all be seen in one place, just a brief ride from downtown Chiang Rai. Golden Triangle Park is an area about 45 min northern of Chiang Rai, where the Mekong rivulet divides Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. Along the major street between the memorial and the hall of the Opium Museum there are several small regional eateries, most of which have a view of the rivers.

Khao Yai Nationalpark is Thailand's third biggest Nationalpark. It covers 300 sqm. This is also the oldest protected area in the state and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are several plants and animals in Khao Yai, but the three major features of the reserve are the Asiatic elephant, white-handed gibbon (in the picture) and the Great Horned Cock.

The Khao Yai is one of the few places where Asiatic elephant are still free and the gabbons are safe from them. Unfortunately, gabbons are vulnerable because all over Thailand, because they are used to get cash from the tourist who wants to have their photos taken with them. Others in the parks are macaque (always wandering around the pick nick tables), watermonitor lizard, samba and python.

The Khai Yai is 2.5 hours from Bangkok. You will find a dozen idyllic bars and bars right in front of the gardens along the highways. It is one of Thailand's most unspoilt island and an especially appealing place for those who love beaches. Further rides around Koh Lanta are the old town of Lanta and the Koh Lanta National Parks (with a nice sand beach).

To see the major sights, do yourself a favour and hire a vehicle (about $30 US$ per day). If you want to get away from the crowded paths, you can enjoy a mornings exploration of the Lopburi Shrine. In contrast to the historic Ayutthaya and Sukothai Park, the Lopburi remains are more extensive and take more trouble to see.

They attract tourists, but the apes of Lopburi are the primary cause why the humans stop here. The most of them concentrate around the two major temple - Phra Prang Sam Yot and Phra Kaan Shrine (opposite each other). The Phang Nga Bay is situated between Phuket and the Malaysia Penninsula in the south of Thailand.

It takes a whole full days to discover Sukothai Historical Park. When you have the necessary spare minute and a rented vehicle, please come and see the Si Satchanalai Historical Park near by. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you will find more Buddhist monuments, Buddha sculptures and chedes. These are the top 10 trips I suggest in Thailand:

You ever been to Thailand? Please feel free to provide us with a short description of places you should visit in Thailand!

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