Thailand Overland Visa

Overland Visa Thailand

Now our question is whether we could enter Thailand by bus or train instead of flying. Passengers entering Thailand require a visa that corresponds to the purpose of their stay (see: Types of Visa). Exemption shall be granted no more than twice a calendar year for entry by land or sea, but there shall be no restriction on entry by air.

Visa regulations for entry to Thailand

The number of crossings has been reduced due to the recent changes in the regulations for land travel by Thai immigrants. Foreign nationals who enter Thailand via Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Malaysia without a visa are now issued a 30-day visa waiver stamps twice a year from 1 January to 31 December.

It will also restrict the number of back-to-back visa circulations carried out by foreign nationals to prolong their residence. This amendment, however, only affects those who have not previously received a visa and are arriving by road from the frontier. Anyone arriving at the airfield without a visa will still be issued with a 30-day stamping up to six days a year.

Thai Immigration renewals for the visa waiver stamp are 30-day stays for a 1,900 Balt arraignments. Malaysia will only exempt from the new regime those arriving from Malaysia as they will still benefit from 30-day visa free travel. Under the new Thai immigration regulations, travellers can now come to Thailand on a regular basis without restricting their stays for a maximum of 90 nights over a six-month hiatus.

Restrictions have already been lifted so that travellers can now travel to Thailand as often as they wish, provided they receive a 30-day visa upon arriving at the airport and a 15-day visa upon arriving when travelling across the border. Admittedly, immigrant authorities still advise to get a visa before arriving in Thailand, as they are reminding the visitor that brief visa is not the right way to prolong their residence in the state.

The new system will help tourist agents as the increasing flow of visitors wishing to extend their visa bookings will increase.

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