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We stop the blog for the time being, but will update it when there are other important developments. New Delhi Express Web Desk Updated: Volanthen said the diving team found the boys in the flooded cave in Thailand because of the smell. Up-to-date news and events about the tourism industry in Thailand. This news from the Thai Navy SEAL unit marks the successful completion of a dangerous mission that has captured the world.

Wed 11 July

"He was applauded by journalists and emergency services. "In all, 19 scuba diver came into the tunnels today to recover those who remained in the cavern - probably the fittest of the group who were caught after the exploration during the rain of the monsoons.

The 13 of them were saved. Three Navy SEALs and the physician who stayed in the caves with the guys since they were found also showed up and didn't leave anyone behind in the flood covered Tham Luang Caves. On Wednesday, Thongchai Lertwilairattanapong, an official of the Thai public safety authority, said to reporters: "Most young people lose an estimated 2 kg.

Osatanakorn Narongsak, former Chiang Rai' gubernator and leader of the bailout, recognized the technology evolution of Musk's creations, but found it unsuitable for the particular bailout. Mister Moschus replied that Mr Osatanakorn was not the "expert" and had been called "inaccurately the rescuer".

Rescues hit the Thailand news on Wednesday. Hooyah hash day was also very much loved by Thai n├ętizens who wanted to show their assistance to the hundred of emergency services, among them scuba diver from all over the globe who were helping to free the cubs. Thai former Marine SEAL Saman Gunan Saman passed away on Friday on the quest to try to salvage the cubs.

Fiftypm Update: Hooeyah Hooeyah Hooeyah Hooeyah! Thai National SEALs have released a last update of all four SEALs who stayed in the cavern with the guys while they waited for their salvation. The caption reads the renowned naval cry: "9 "9 pm update: Another clock of the goosebumps-inducing instant in which the guys were found by UK divers:

US engineering expert Elon Musk, who recently made the news by proposing to construct a childsize sub to free the guys from the Thai caves, has gotten into a Twitter fight with the BBC. Since his draft was not needed for the ultimate salvation, BBC News told us that the Thai head of salvage, Mr. Musk's draft was "not practical".

Ever since the guys were found, Thai news agencies have been working to gather information about the guys' roles in their teams and their characters so that we can better understanding who the courageous people are. The Manchester United - the British side supported by several of the guys - gave them the opportunity to play a match.

British player, among them Manchester City defence counsel Kyle Walker, send the guys a soccer set after one of them was depicted in an English tee in the Caverns. but he volunteered to return to support the bailout. After a burial by the Thai sovereign, he was incinerated today.

5:00 p.m. What now? Young people and their family must be sheltered from any infection that the young have taken in from any animal that lives in the cavern, so it is likely that they will be quarantined for a few nights. 49/pm Update: Everybody is safe out of the grotto!

Three Navy SEALs and a medic who was with the guys must have come out of the caves. The Jedsada Chokedamrongsook, the Thai Ministry of Health's standing clerk, said that the first group of young people to be taken out on Sunday are 14 to 16 years old. The first four people from the caves saw their family, but only through a glazed door to avoid getting infected.

All of the young are expected to remain in hospitals for another seven nights while the employees strengthen their immunity. "Terrific news they made it out safe. "Even the British soccer team Manchester United took part in the festivities - and invited the guys to Old Trafford.

From the Thai Naval SEALs page on Facebook: The festivities will be marked by grief at the death of a former Thai naval diver who was killed last Friday during a replenishment missions in the cavern in aid of the salvation. We need three Naval SEALs and a medic to show up, too.

These were the 9th and 10th to leave the cavern since the beginning of the Sunday bailout. Yezada Chokedamrongsuk, a doctor from the Thai Department of General Medical Services, said the eight young men who were saved on Sunday and Monday were "happy". Last weekend Jani Santala, a Finnish cavern dive teacher, spoke on Radio 4's Today program:

This would be the simplest way for a life-saving divers. "All three of the young saved on the third days of this cavern expedition were executed on stretcher. "Some students of the synagogue have been to the Tham Luang caverns, others have held vigil and prayer for the young.

An eyewitness this afternoons saw two men on stretcher being taken out of the Tham Luang Cavern. These were the first two to be taken out on Tuesday, the third date of the bailout. During the first two working nights, eight of the young were put out on stretcher - four on Sunday and four on Monday.

They are still being kept away from their families and kept in isolation. It is said that the 9th child was saved just after 10:00 BST. Tuesday began a little after 10 am BST (4 am BST). In expectation of a succesful ambulance service, several ambulance vehicles are also based at the caves muzzle.

Mister Moschus told that he had just come back "from the third cave" of Tham Luang Nang Non where the last five remained caged. Narongsak Osottanakorn, the chief of the surgery, said one last surgery would be "more difficult" as one surfer would be released more than the two before.

So far, the cracking crew of alien scuba diver and Thai Navy SEALs has saved eight of the captured young by leading them through a nine-hour surgery. There are 2. 5 mile of canals, sometimes in hiding, of which the young have been captured for more than two weeks.

Peoples throughout Thailand encouraged the bailout, among others at the Mae Sai Prasitsart schools, where six of the captured young are schoolchildren. "I' m very glad about those who have already made it, and I think everyone will be out today," said Varanchit Karnkaew, 14, who also said that the football-mad guys had followed the matches at the World Cup in Russia before they fell into a trap.

There were warnings from specialists of possible long-term damages caused by torture, either by mental traumas or by infection in the caves. However, the young were given an antibiotic and were "in a healthy state". "He said, "All young people have to spend a whole weekend in hospitals waiting for their results and seeing if anything changes.

Some of the youngsters had assumed pneumonia, but the four of the first saved group all walked around their bed. They had a good hunger, but above all they got tasteless, easy to digest food.

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