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Salvation can happen'today or tomorrow'. It felt pretty good to report that news today: Thailand press conference cancelled after police warning. This is one of the most widely read newspapers in Thailand. Thai's most updated English news website, Thai news, Thai news, Bangkok thailand, aec, newspaper English, breaking news: The Nation.

Bangladesh: No bailout coming up, says Gov. - how it was | World News

It is a competition against the clock, because on Sunday there will be violent rainstorms. The first two footballers are likely to make it out today, at best. It' still a hard course through a maze of passages, with plenty of scuba and rock-limbing. They don't have to swimm much, they have an air masks and are almost always held by one of the diver.

And then there is 1.5 kilometres of rock climbs.

When Elon Musk sends in support of the football club.

Sent by Elon Musk, a crew of spacedx and boring company technicians to Thailand to save the twelve youngsters and their football coaches. A number of Musk's firms could potentially be used to save the guys, which includes Boring Co. and SpacesX radars detection technologies, as well as drainage drilling and pumping equipment and high-performance Tesla Powerwall batteries.

On Friday, the Thai goverment published a declaration on Facebook that Moschus' crew will be arriving in Chiang Rai on Saturday. Mr Tesla acknowledged that he was in discussions with Thai authorities. Twelve young football ers and their trainer disappeared last Monday only to be found in a cavern swamped by torrential rain.

Most of the corridors that lead into the cavern are tight, and most young people cannot swimm. An ex-Thai Navy SEAL passed away on Friday when he tried to substitute the young cans. Tesla and SpaceX chief executive announced on Wednesday that he was "happy to help the Thai government", and on Thursday he shared Twitter with James Yenbamroong, chief executive officer of Thai Space Launch mu Spaces Corp, about possible policies that could work.

"It may be a good idea to put a 1m dia. hose (or a short kit of hoses for the most challenging sections) through the net and blow it up like a bouncing castle," Moschus said Thursday night lymphoma. "and automatically adapt to strange forms like the 70-cm hole."

Moschus added on Friday that his engi-neers must continue to personally evaluate the "many complexities" of the state. It is not the first that Moschus offers help in a worldwide crises. Following Puerto Rico's devastation last year from a huge storm, Musc Tesla sent Powerwall cells and provided photovoltaic energy upgrades to reconstruct the island's power network.

Tesla, the owner of SolarCity, has recovered electricity for the children's hospital in Puerto Rico one months after Hurricane Maria.

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