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Diver, Marine and International Expert Meet

"These guys aren't qualified.....(they) can't go diving at this time," said Gov. Osottanakorn reporters. There has never been such a gloomy realities for the guys and their coaches. Recent recordings of the appalling circumstances in which the group is held in the flood covered cavern have been made by the UK TV station ITV.

You can see where they only go through spotlights and move through the flood system of caves that hold a cord above them. This shows the huge challenge for the young, some of whom are poor because they do not eat enough to eat for a few day. Because of the rapid decrease in the level of air, the ambulance rehearsal in the new recordings can begin at any time.

Dangerous surgery, which demanded her first death early Friday when a former Navy SEAL passed away due to a shortage of air, could peak this evening or in the future when the clocks tick. Ivan Karadzic, a Dane cavediver who volunteered in the dangerous missions, explained the problems of the Sky News surgery.

"There are few individuals who have experienced saving children from the depths of the cave," Mr Karadzic said. Saviours have admitted this afternoons that their lifewindow has narrowed. At the first formal registration, the young can not await the period of monsoons below ground until October, the agencies have cautioned, the windows of possibility to free them is "limited".

O2 levels in the cavern where the young are held have fallen to 15 percent. With a narrow edifice to ensure a secure escape, it has been said that instead of letting the young with Navy SEAL scuba diver swimmers, they are considering sinking in. Wells were excluded as an early possibility, but Thanes Weerasin, chairman of the Engineering Institute of Thailand, has shown that a drill team is looking at a large bore at a depth of about 100 meters, reports The Guardian.

"I am not sure that all this information is actually available in this Thai setting. Mr Kunan became unconscious after putting cylinders into the cavern and could not be resuscitated despite his diving partner's first aide. Meanwhile, the caves in Mae Sai, North Thailand, are loosing breathing space while they are still trying to supply the children and the trainer with ventilation through a canal.

The gloomy atmosphere at the beginning of the weeks was clouding the joy as the young were found ruffled and starving, but still living on a cliff kilometre inside the caves. "A former SEAL who voluntarily signed up dies around 2 a.m. lastight. When he dies, there are certainty that the group will be able to get out through narrow passages in the water-saturated caves.

Most of the youngsters between 11 and 16 can't swimm and no one has dive experiences. When asked how the guys could certainly make it if an expert scuba-diver would be unable to, Yookongkaew-san said the emergency response crew would take more care with them. Divers' job was to take cylinders with them and to transport pipes along the corridors between an advanced basis and the mudsy dyke where the kids and the bus are accommodated.

Consider it, a Navy Seal died last evening, so how about a 12-year-old child," said Rafael Aroush, an Israeli scuba diving enthusiast supporting the bailout offer. This is the first big blow to the bailout. It' assumed that 1.5 km from the cavern is still full of it.

Despite the deaths, the rescue operation continues. To get to the young from the dive centre, a scuba divers must have at least three cylinders of air with them before they can change them on their way out. According to a Navy CNN resource, two of the young and the trainer suffer from fatigue due to malnourishment, which could make it almost impossibility for them to make the dangerous voyage.

Experienced cavedivers teach them how to swimm to prepare for a dangerous getaway, which consists of mating them with qualified trout men and taking them to a safe place through pitch-black waters and tight corridors. That could mean a disastrous retardation if something goes awry during the bold bailout.

The rescue teams have also transported groceries, provisions and first aids to the caverns, along with dive gear for the young and cylinders, which are placed every 25 to 50 meters along their routes for additional fresh outflow. A former friar who allegedly fights for the selfless sacrifice of his portion of nourishment, the trainer could still be indicted for the war.

Also, deluge-like rainfalls are threatening to unravel the dangerous scheme of moving the young through the cavern system of the connected caves. Fearful young people' homes are awaiting reunification at the caves. The group is thought to have participated as part of an initiatory ceremony, although two women volunteered to say that they did not hold Ekkapol Chantawong responsible for the despairing conditions of their cubs.

A marine anonymity resource tells ABC that three drivers of emergencies - the amount of available air in the cavern, the amount of available air and the young's and their trainer's wellbeing. Said the rescuers were facing "difficult decisions" and disagreements arose. One fireman who worked to drain the waters said that parts of the corridor that leads to the vault were still flooding up to the roof, making scuba dipping the only way out.

Volunteer workers have helped the Thai Navy SEALs pumps bottled waters out of the caverns, but some unrecorded workers have aggravated the problem by unintentionally pumped back some of the waters into the cavern, Bangkok Post officers said. Ben Reymenants, a Belgium caved diver who has a shop in Phuket, is said to have explored a new, broader duct with trapped bubbles that could provide the boy with a more secure way out.

EIon Musk has volunteered to determine the precise position of the lads. Tesla bosses said they were in discussions with Thai officials to help with the bailout. Boring, Musk's advance launch, could provide his solid drilling or digging know-how, but such an attempt could be too risky for this missions.

About 30 rescue crews of jungles and trekkers are looking for a possible "secret passage" to a safe place after the youngsters tell the scuba diver that they bark a dog, crow a cock and hear kids play. Failure to hallucinate could mean that the captured young are near a well that the rescuer could scale for a much simpler way of evacuating.

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