Thailand Necklace

Necklace Thailand

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Prior to I leave the house, I should always take an accessoire - preferrably an earring - that contains at least one kind of luckstones........ I am from the northern part of Thailand, where the atmosphere is cool and the landscape nice. "They have a large orchard with fruit and flower, which they have begun of their own will.

So much so that they began to market and live off their products. It' s the kind of place I have grown up in, where I could go for a stroll and see the lovely bouquets I would collect to decor my room. "I tried to put together an evening dress for a celebration I was asked to, so I chose to use some of the cathedrals as accessoires.

So I made some nice jewellery with it, and I was wearing some on my head to the point where I thought I had exaggerated it, but I didn't have enough fucking spare it. Jewellery I like so much that the need to decorate my own bodies with it is obligatory. When I leave the house, I always put on an accessoire - mainly an earring - that contains at least one kind of good fortune not only for good fortune, but also because I think that I will only hit good things then.

"I' ve been fashion-conscious for a long while and love beautiful. Even as a young woman I began making headrings, headbands, bracelets and collars. I' ve used my fantasy to design in my free life using basic material. However, I began to get orders and spent more of my free hours fulfilling orders than designing new ones or doing anything else that was good for sale anyway.

Part of what I make with my jewellery is given to an abandoned school.

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