Thailand Myanmar Border Crossings Map

Myanmar Border Crossing Map

Thai-Laotian border crossing Huay Khon - Muang Ngern is often problematic for bikers. Cambodia - Myanmar border crossings: Motorbike Tours Checkpoints must be located at a regular border checkpoint where you can obtain a valid passport/visa and import a motorbike for a temporary period. Do not confuse legitimate border crossings with those where locals either use their identity card or daily tickets to pass the border.

Thai-Laotian border checkpoint Huay Khon - Muang Ngern is often a problem for cycling. Have a look at the low-resolution border map - For a guideline on the region's legitimate border crossings. Alert Border Crossings: It is sometimes possible for a foreigner to pass the border at the border crossings, but please keep in mind that you cannot stay and carry on with your stay there.

They are in the countryside unlawfully, both in person and by bicycle, and thus remain open to serious problems. I' ve seen it several time in Thailand and Laos - drivers who thought they were getting into the land cleverly, but when they tried to get out of the land, they couldn't present documents to show that the motorcycle was legalized.

But I know of another case in Vietnam, where a driver unfortunately crept in from Cambodia without papers& it took him a few thousand US Dollar to get his bicycle out of the north. So make sure that all your border crossings are at legitimate border crossings where your bicycle documents are duly stamps.

Bicycle You must demonstrate that it is "real", not stole & have legal documents to verify this = title deed, the bicycle license / registry. This means the genuine and current bicycle registry in Thailand (not expired). Approval for Thailand export:

When the bicycle is not in your name, you need the consent of the holder to temporary exports of the bicycle. If not, as far as the officers are concerned, you could steal the bicycle from the financial institution you have not yet bought, or your alienated spouse / girlfriend/ boyfriend/ ex-mate who no longer takes care of you.

Proprietor's permit = an export permit with your & your & bicycle specifications + autographed copy of your current (not expired) identity document & register. Thai-Laotian border at Phu Doo. Thailand-International Transport Permit - NOT longer needed for motorcycles.

There is a violet one for bikes, but it is no longer displayed or needed for bikes, although some badly informed border officials sometimes think so and try to cause problems. Costs were only 100 Bt and.... if you have one, they can make your border crossing easy.

They are still exhibited by the Land Transport Division & may be useful but not always in demand. It is obligatory for vehicles that cross national boundaries, but is no longer exhibited or needed for motorbikes. INS first, then customs. When you are travelling on a bicycle that has been recorded abroad, you only need to provide us with a copy of the customs and immigrant papers that you received on your return.

When you are travelling on a bicycle that has been recorded in Thailand, you must fill in the documentation for migration and customs. INS first, then customs. A bicycle that has been recorded in Thailand gives you 4 photo prints of your document - your own copy + your pass. Typically on the Thai side the two & Customs hold an record.

Finalized travel out of Thailand in Chiang Khong. Property owned / Bicycle Registration Book (see above). Approval of the car owner's exporter if it is not in your name (see above). There are two types of application needed, these are: TM2 Information of Conveyance. Fill in the originals of these declarations will be kept in the destination harbour and you will have to return a copy of both declarations to the destination harbour when you return to the state.

There' are Thailand immigrant applications here. There are some border residents (Chiang Khong) who charge 200 bahts to fill out the form, and you don't always get a bill. My lesson from my own experiences is that you are not always asked for these documents when you come back, and sometimes the immigrant personnel do not require you to fill in all the documents when you do.

I' ve had a few passes with border personnel over this and either way you never seem to gain - it's up to them & to their humor of the days. A Temporary Export / Import Registration Temporary Registration Temporary Import / Import Registration Temporary Import / Import Temporary Import Registration Temporary Import / Export Temporary Import / Import Temporary Import Temporary Import Registration Form (Official Name = Simplified Import Registration Temporary Import Registration Form).

This is what you can get from the customs at the border. So if you've been out & / or in, your information should still be in the computer & it's simple to call it up if your information & the bicycle is still the same. When you leave from abroad by bicycle, you only need to submit the transient entry forms that you received on your return to the border.

Inch Temporary import/export validity is usually only valid for one calendar year, and there is a penalty of 1,000 bahts per diem, with a limit of 10,000 bahts if you return/departure later ((up to 6 months). The deadlines for import and export are the same - the penalties are the same!

You can get an extra time for both exports and imports, but this must be done at your own customhouse. Filling out these form on your return is relatively simple, provided your bicycle documents and your pass are in order. Migration: A temporary import/export form. As a rule, you will receive one months on your return, & no longer than your visas.

Obtain a renewal of your visas & you can prolong your bicycle imports. Bicycle imports can be prolonged to 6 month with your renewal of your passport. Amendment June 2016: Thailand's Land Transport Department has issued new regulations to contain the tens of thousand China cars flooding into Thailand in a fierce conflict.

When you are not travelling on a bicycle that has been recorded in Laos, Malaysia or Singapore, you need a previous permit to travel to Thailand. Principally, the regulations are the same as when entering China, Vietnam or Myanmar, where your journey must be authorised in advanced by a travel agency.

Driver's license recognised in Thailand. Failing this, you must obtain a resident driver's license. Harbors of entering and leaving the country must be named. Imports are limited to 30 working nights, no renewals & 60 working nights per year. Thirty ( "visa example arrival") issues - New Policy 1 December 2016: You can only make two (30) visa exempt arrival entries in Thailand in one calendar year.

Much more than two entrances & you must have a visas - tourism or whatever - non-O, or business, or college or university; but it must be a visas outside Thailand! If you have already done this twice in the year, you cannot get into your pass without a valid permit in time.

If you are in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar and need a visas, there are embassy / consulate offices in Thailand. Malaysia / Singapore / Thailand are relatively simple and stress-free, provided your residency permit, your visas, your bicycle registrations and your documents are in order.

Leave 3/4 - 1 1/2 h to clear the boundaries on both sides. Singapore/ Malaysia are the country's official boundaries: There are seven border crossings in Thailand / Malaysia: There is no visas on your return. There are ten legitimate international: The Mekong River Cruise. Khong Chiang (Chiang Rai T) / Houei Xai- FB4 Friendship Bridge 4(Bo Keo L).

On 12/11/13 the 4. friendly viaduct was opened. Across the viaduct - coming from Thailand you need an accompanying car, which costs 500 BH. Overland. Entrance and exits of motorcycles - September 2016. Then, on October 1, 2017, "open" again for exits & entries (only if you are entering via a Laotian travel agency.) Here you will find the latest Xayaboury information.

No Laotian visas on your way in, but the Lao trip is ok. Entrance and exits of motorcycles - September 2016. Then, on October 1, 2017, "open" again for exits & entries (only if you are entering via a Laotian travel agency.) Here you will find the latest Xayaboury information.

Thaï-Nakraseng (Loei T) / Nam Hueang-Kenthao (Xayaboury L) Lokale Brücke über den Nam Heuang River. Entrance and exits of motorcycles - September 2016. Then, on October 1, 2017, "open" again for exits & entries (only if you are entering via a Laotian travel agency.) Here you will find the latest Xayaboury information.

Name of Nong Khai (Nong Khai T) / Tha Dua Friendship Pier 1, Vientiane (Vientiane L). Freundschaftsbrücke 1. There is no gangway. Cross the mighty Nekong by boat. Lao's NO visa on your arrivals. FRIENDSPAY BRIEF friendspay brief = Entering Laos is not always assured, but courteous, tolerant & solid. It may be necessary to use a pick-up to carry your bicycle across the viaduct.

FRIENDSPAY BRIEF friendspay brief = Entering Laos is not always assured, but courteous, tolerant & solid. It may be necessary to use a pick-up to carry your bicycle across the viaduct. Rural border checkpoint. Chong Mek Thai personnel always seem to be the best - kindest, happy, happiest, simplest, most effective - border guards you can meet anywhere on the Thai border!

Awarning in March 2018 Laos halted the privat bicycle entrance in Vang Tao - only for travel groups. A further border checkpoint is from Huak (Thailand), which is due to open in 2018 if everything is in order. Join GTR on the go with Destination Thailand TV. Overpasses and bridges are open 7 nights a week. It is possible to take a break.

AGL insurance on your flight to Laos. Mekong Ferries - Bung Kan / Pakxan is usually only open on normal working weekdays from Monday to Friday. It' s not clear if there will be a Laos permit on arriving - some say yes, others no. Border crossings at Xayaboury were shut for motorcycles in August 2016.

Then, in October 2017 they were opened to finish & admission, but only if you have a trip business, the permit first. When you have no driving in Asia and/or cross border, do yourself a favor and take a 2-3 weeks trip through Northern Thailand and the Golden Triangle to get acquainted with the area and terms first.

One of the major difficulties in E Asia is communicating - the natives don't talk much English and you probably can't even talk, literate or even understand the city. So how do you intend to talk to and handle an unhelping officer at the border who may not be fully conversant with all the regulations and may not be very interested in your issue?

Please be aware that driving in Singapore / Malaysia / Thailand is quite simple and uncomplicated. Viet Nam is now possible if you send in your application 3 month in advanced & buy a travel packages (with guide & support vehicle.) Swinging at the border & asking polite questions does not work. Don't believe me about no record - then look here Mr Wheezy & Thao &Under 175cc to Vietnam Toget It.

Burma is now also possible. See how some GT drivers came to Myanmar from Chiang Mai in January 2013. However, even here you can't just rocks and rides in at the border. It is now possible in China, but even here you can't just go rocking at the border and get in. They need a travel agent to provide coverage, an authorised routing and licences.

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