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Great savings on money transfers from Thailand to Myanmar, comparing all solutions and finding the best solution for your personal needs. Has Thailand a very "tourist" feeling? These animal-friendly features will of course cost more money. The Myanmar mobile money services are expanding. Elderly people collect additional money from retirement "part-time job".

Myanmar and Thailand currencies

Hello everyone, I'm leaving for Myanmar in about a month. You all. I come from Rome and since there are no airlines to Naypyidaw, I fly over Bangkok and stay there for 3 nights before I reach Myanmar. Seems that the formal changeover is very unfavorable and it is better to use the illegal economy (lol), which is less expensive but riskier.

They say that it is almost not possible to switch to the euro: only allowed the dollar! Besides, is it possible to get kyat in Thailand when it is so hard in Myanmar? things have been changing..... you can now switch US or Euro at formal money-exchangers (.small stands run by bankers or exchange stands in branches of banks)..... you don't use the streetchangers because they are very good at playing you... yes, the grades must still be of good you...

It is possible to convert Euro to Kyat, but it is more complicated to use it....use US for accomodation, domestic flight, ship/trainticket.... Latest contributions say it will be simpler to use Kyat to cover the cost of shelter. Quite sure you can't buy Kyat in Thailand, and you can't switch Kyat back into another money outside Myanmar.... you can switch your Kyat back into US/Euro at the local government bureaux before you go... but you can buy crunchy neat $100 bills in Italy before you go to the airports, swap $'s, but BUT the money market is not so good, you'll also need $'s for entry money that's so useful for a few $100 bills...

Do not use the monetary-changer. Coin checkers on the road will take you down. Yeah, the grades have to be in good shape. While you can switch euros, you should use US$ for lodging, airfare, etc. If you have any outside Myanmar, you cannot get it outside of it.

They can definitely buy/sell in Thailand if you are near the Thai frontier (e.g. Mae Sot). I' ve always been paying in Kyoto since I moved to Mae Sot and have less dollar exposure, and the exchanges here are superb. Even in Kyoto I was paying for some hotel and the Mrauk U to Sittwe shuttle in 2008, when I had swapped too much money and had to use it.

Well, there are a few local commercial banking houses right across from the Myanmar Bangkokassy, just get them there, it should be all right. yes.....take a Mx of Euro and US....use your big bills Euros to buy your Kyoto and some US, mainly a mixture of smaller bills to cover your lodging, zonal charges, etc...

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