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It is officially called the Kingdom of Thailand and was formerly known as Siam. The Gulf of Thailand, Ciyu of Yasothon. Thailand is a country with a million smiles and a very popular destination in Southeast Asia, where tourists can find all kinds of leisure activities. For those interested in Thailand and Asian geography, our large laminated map of Asia might be just right for you. is an exotic country in the centre of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia.

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Some of Thailand's archeological places contain relicts that point to the oldest growing of rices and cast bronzes in all of Asia. Strongly inspired by India, Thailand was governed by the Khmer Empire at one point, then by various states after its fall in the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries. In the mid-14th centuries, the origin of the Thai empire evolved into an all-powerful empire, the empire of Ayutthaya.

The Ayutthaya era, known as the "Golden Era of Thailand's Medicine", first came into touch with the West in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries when the Portugese embassador Duarte Fernandes came to Thailand in 1511. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, trading with the Netherlands and France prospered, and Ayutthaya was regarded as the biggest town in the canyon.

Thailand has suffered considerable hardship over the years, and after 400 years of rule, the Ayutthaya Kingdom was annihilated by the invasion of Burma's army in 1767. Bangkok was founded in 1782 as the capitol of the new Chakri empire and under the rule of King Rama I. the Great Thailand (or Siam, as it was called until 1939) became the only South East Asia land that successfully prevented colonisation by a powerful group of Europe.

At the turn of the last millennium, Thailand's metamorphosed dramatically in its politics, its army, its schools and the world of business. Following a Japanese battleground in 1941, Thailand joined Japan and declaring passive wars against Britain and the United States. In the aftermath of World war II, after Japan's failure, Thailand became an associate of the United States.

Thailand is currently confronted with weapons of power in its three most southern Muslim majorities, but it is working closely with Malaysia to monitor the spread of terror. On 19 September 2006, Thaksin Shinawatra became the leader of a temporary regime after the dissolution of the MP. A few wks later, however, a bloody coup d'état took place when Thaksin went to a UN reunion in New York and a civil administration under the leadership of the People's Power Party was re-established in December 2007.

Thailand's unbelievable scenic beauties, the remains and remnants of its old past and innumerable rides, such as Phuket Island and kilometres of pristine sandy beach, have made this tropical land one of the most sought after travel spots in all of Asia. Which kind of government does Thailand have?

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