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AN UPDATED NEWS TO MEMBERS POSTING IN THAILAND NEWS. We will continue our live blog on Tuesday with the latest information from the operation to bring the boys home. Latest news from Chiang Rai province. Sky's @sallylockwood is here and has this latest update. This is the happiest news today.

Saving Caverns Thailand Update LIVE: 8 young FREE as saviors are preparing to save the five that remain | World | News

The RESCUE effort in Tham Luang is resuming as nine members of the association stay imprisoned. Scuba diver have already successfully saved four cubs in a bold surgery. You will find all news and the latest news here. Scuba diver went to the caves at 2 pm in the afternoon (9 am BST) to pick up the young - 13 of them from all over the world and five Thai seals.

As the former gubernator responsible for the bailout said, the Thai diver was "five of our best". Each of the young are taken out individually - so far eight of them have been rescued from the cavern. When a Thai Navy SEAL passed away trying to escape from the caves, it turned out how insidious this saving missions was.

Rescues were postponed for the evening to allow the emergency services to relax and get ready to take out the other five. FOR THE LATEST UPDATE ON THAI CAVERN RESCUES THAI 3, CLICK HERE. There were warnings from specialists of possible long-term damages caused by torture, either by mental traumas or by infection in the caves.

However, the young were given an antibiotic and were "in a healthy state". "He said, "All young people have to spend a whole weekend in hospitals waiting for their results and seeing if anything changes. Some of the youngsters had assumed pneumonia, but the four of the first saved group all walked around their bed.

They had a good hunger, but above all they got tasteless, easy to digest food. 5:45 AM HALITUDE 5:45 am halitude update: All eight saved young people are in "good health" and "good state of mind". They all showed symptoms of infections but were receiving treatment. "of Tham Luang Cavern.

"Caving inundations are imminent. "Skydivers from abroad who are assisting with the surgery went into the cavern this mornings. They' ve got about five hours before they get to the guys and then turn around to get them out again. "Repeatedly returning from number three. "It' called Wild Boar after the children's football club.

CNN honorary interpreter Shlomi Aroush said that "they have eight young people in the clinic, all of them are very positive", despite long working time. Eight youngsters in all were liberated from the terrible conditions in the flood covered caves in northern Thailand. Ambulance work was halted over night, but is scheduled to be resumed in the morning.

Next surgery is scheduled for 10 am in the morning (4 pm in the p.m. hours ), but there is no assurance that all five will be released on Tuesday. We have established a four-but if we want to save five, those in charge must adapt the game. It' s not clear whether the parent has been told which of the kids have been saved so far.

He wrote a note to the stomach of the grotto's parent apologizing to them for putting their child in such a dangerous state. Scuba diver are working to get new aerial and aerobic storage in" strategically located places" along the exit path into the caves. When a well-educated Thai Navy SEAL dies when he ran out of breath, the officers take no risks.

CNN was informed by a Dane ambulance man in the caves that the young were in full face mask and several neoprene suits to keep themselves warmer. Prime Minister will be meeting the eight saved boy at the clinic this evening. This is an unbelievably dangerous surgery, as the Thai Navy highlights SEAL, who died trying to escape from the cavern after he visited the captured cubs.

" This is the name of the boys' soccer club The Wild Boars. He added that he was still uncertain whether the other five would be escorted out of the caves in one or more attempted missions. Currently it is in Thailand that it is rainy in May and November.

There' now five more members of the soccer crew in the cavern. Stretcher have executed the 6th and 7th person to be saved from the Caverns. Osottanakorn Narongsak, the leader of the bailout, today informed journalists that the young men wanted a favourite Thai court after they were saved.

30 o'clock in the morning (4:30 a.m. in the morning ), a fifth baby was taken out of the grotto while the emergency work is in progress. The baby was the fifth to be saved and witnessed on a gurney carrying him out of the grotto. They are a Thai and multinational diving crew who have gone into the caverns to save the young.

All five saved so far were taken to the clinic where they will test and recover.

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