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The latest news and headlines from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. The York Times's breaking news and extensive historical coverage on Thailand here. " Four boys were brought out today. Please follow the latest updates below: Thai citizenship is granted to stateless Thai cave boys.

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These three youngsters and their trainer Ekapol Chanthawong were regarded as nationless, although they were originally Thai. One group of young footballers saved from a cavern in the north of Thailand expressed their thanks to "the world" at an event in the evenings after their departures from a Buddhaist monarch. Both the young team-mates and their trainer, who were imprisoned in a den in the north of Thailand at the beginning of this months, were sent to a Buddha school.

One of nine Aussies honored for their part in the salvation, Craig Challen acknowledged that he considered the "prospects" for the young in the course of the missions to be depressing. Saved from a flood-cavern, the young people began their first home days with their family on Thursday, going to a Buddha sanctuary to prayer for shelter from disaster.

This is what we learnt today from the exceptional press briefing of the Thai football club that was imprisoned in the Tham Luang cave for ten whole outings. At a touching press briefing, the guys showed how they managed to survive and thank their saviors - among them Navy SEAL, who passed away during the missions.

It is Malcolm Turnbull who will be rewarding Dr. Richard Harris and former veterinarian Craig Challen for their part in rescuing 12 of Thailand's cubs.


Chang-riang: Thailand gave nationality to the stateless members of the soccer squad last August (August 8 ), who were saved from a den in a legend that seized the people. BANGKOK: A National Legislative Assembly (NLA) is considering calling on the Electoral Commission (EC) to postpone the appointment of election supervisors and to allow the new commissars, who have not yet received King's approval, to take over the bid.

BANGKOK: 8 prisoners, among them a well-known professor and a parole officer, were detained for having bought on-line sexual intercourse service from minor boy, but high-ranking personalities asked not to reveal their name, a policeman said. BANGKOK: Appeals court has exonerated Dr. Nitiwadee Pucharoenyos from directing the assassination of her shooting nationals husban five years ago and instead imposing a capital punishment on her mum.

As of August 12, the Department of Natural Park, Game and Plant Conservation (DNP) will start a public awareness raising drive to prohibit the use of polystyrene containers and polystyrene cartons in all protected areas in order to minimize the amount of waste that contaminates protected areas and endangers game. While Phetchaburi citizens are preparing for disastrous flooding at 10 pm this evening (7 August) after a huge amount of fresh air was cleared from a large embankment to the Phetchaburi River, the inhabitants were using sandbagging and even concrete to block the front of their houses and shops so as not to be flooded┬│d.

Muang people are struggling to erect sand bags and cement blocks to prepare for flood events that could occur today (August 6) or in the future (August 7) due to the overflow of the Kaeng Krachan Dam, while the agencies are struggling to mitigate the effects of possible flood events. BANGKOK: The fall of a 19-year-old female to her deathbed by a lorry on the road, originally registered as an incident by the local cops but now considered a homicide, is another strike for the country's judicial system, says Socialist Atchariya Ruangrattanapong.

Song-khla: A 26-year-old man was detained after the cops hit him when he tried to deliver crato tea in a box of powdered soft-cream to his previous relatives, who had been detained for fraud. A further detainee who killed a man and wife in a touristic complex in Khonburi's Sattahip Region last Sunday (July 29) was detained on Wednesday (August 1), said Khalermkiat Srivorakhan, acting head of law enforcement, on August 2.

BANGKOK: Bangkok PD last night in Bangkok (August 2) acknowledged that suspected murderer Atsaya Chaipa, 33, was seen on screen at a Cambodian motel on the 27th July, less than a single morning after he supposedly killed his wealthy friend and his Bangkok worker. BANGKOK: Today (August 3), the German Federal Administration will establish a "war room" to carefully supervise dams that reach the limits of their reservoirs.

Saurat Sani: Two Thais and a Canadian citizen were detained for supposedly acting as nominee for a China travel company suspected of having cheated companies on Koh Samui of 3 million euros. BANGKOK: BANGKOK: In Bangkok, a man who beat his friend to hell in a Bangkok resort before escaping to Cambodia is being held under warrants.

BANGKOK: Former Secretary of State Kasit Piromya said today (1 August) that the UK authorities should give the UK and the wider world more information to support Bangkok's application to surrender former chancellor Yingluck Shinawatra. BANGKOK: Thailand-gypsy Thailand has delivered a mozambian refugee wanted for a series of kidnappings for ransoms and killings, said cops today (August 1), as a crackdown is deepened on mobsters using the land as a stud-holes.

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