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The Thai electric vehicle market is slowly beginning to flourish.

Current: Girls wife, mom, flees back to Thailand under malaysic pride

According to a safety resource, the young woman, known only as Ayu, and her mum asked the Royal Thai Consulate General in Malaysia's Kelantan state where they were living for help. From the same sources, the same person said that the parent and child could no longer stand the pressures of the public in Malaysia who resisted the Ayu-Man husband-marital.

Then the consulate approached the Thai authority about their desire to go back to the realm. SDP and human security officers took in the mothers and girls who now live in the Narathiwat County. Kelantan State legislature had sent the woman back on Wednesday.

"Religions in Thailand are powerful and supportive of marriages between children," he said. This problem arose when a June news release on corporate publishing claimed that a man had marry a young Thailand woman in Gua Musang, Kelantan. A lot of Netizen's voiced their rage that a children's wedding is allowable.

The Kelantan Welfare Department's preliminary research revealed that the wedding actually took place in Golok, Thailand, Malaysia, where marriages with children are largely outlawed. I hear the girl's folks are impoverished Thais. This man was fineed 1,800 ringgits (Bt14,700) by the court of Gua Musang Syariah - a figure that was criticized by some as too little.

He has six children and had two women before the children's wedding. It was when his second spouse published the photographs of the girl's wedding to her husbands on a public service site that came to the forefront. Claiming that her man had neglected to tell her about the third woman, as her faith requires.

Thailand cave rescue: Water trap is empty now.

It' s empty again. After 18 glorious tragedies in Thailand and the rest of the globe, the last few left the flood plagued caves on Tuesday, where 12 young footballers and their trainer were caged. These are the latest innovations. - All members of the boar football squad and their 25-year-old trainer are safely at Chiang Rai Hospitals, the agencies said.

This took a dozen scuba diving people, several hundred people and 18 working hours, but the Tham Luang Cave bailout was successful. On Tuesday at 10:08 a. m. the last leg of the extracting missions began. 19 scuba diver were sent to the secluded cave, where the last four members of the wild boar football club and their trainer have been seeking protection since June 23.

"The carriage and twelve wild boar have escaped from the caves. We are now awaiting to welcome our frogmen," said a posting on the Thai Navy SEAL Facebook page on Tuesday evening. At about 9:40 pm Thai officers acknowledged that the four-man army crew, who had remained with the young men in their den for a few hours, had also evacuated the caves.

The bailout is now formally completed. About 100 scuba diver, health workers and auxiliary workers were evacuating eight football members on Sunday and Monday. They were rescued by leading young people with little knowledge of how to swim through passages full of mud. Surgery took a life:

A 38-year-old former Navy SEAL scuba diver who voluntarily helped in the quest and salvage. Death early Friday after he carried aerial reservoirs into the flood covered cavern, he lost awareness under water after he ran out of breath. In certain places the crevasses through which humans had to squash were hardly large enough to receive an adult mortal from the water, according to Narongsak Osottanakorn, the leader of the sweep, and a scuba diving instructor who had been exploring the caves.

At a press briefing after the bailout, Mr Narongsak said that all members of the Chiang Rai medical staff were secure. He added that the members of the families could come to see the young this evening, albeit divided by a sill. According to Dr. Jesada Chokedamrongsuk, the Thai Ministry of Health's regular registrar, they will be spending at least a whole weekend fighting off possible infections.

According to Dr. Tosthep Buthong, head of Chiang Rai Municipal Government at a press briefing on Tuesday mornings, two of the young people who have been bailed out on Sunday suffer from slight pneumonia. in Chiang Rai. 18-year-old Jintrakarn Sriwanithkul, a Maesai Prasitsart pupil who was visited by six members of the crew, was at the campus when the message came that the whole crew was evacuated.

As many of the gamers who were caught in the Tham Luang Caves, he had already been in the Caves before. "I thought when I found out that they were going to come out in two or three day because they knew the caves well," he said. Mae Sai, the head of the Ekkapol Chantawong trainer's office, was overhappy.

Thailand's focus on saving the planet was not abandoned when President Trump introduced a greeting to the football team's rescuers in his day-to-day Twitter Posting lantern, which otherwise concentrated on assaulting his opponents, bringing his last candidate to the Supreme Court and lodging complaints about NATO, Iran and commercial transactions that he considered unjust.

In the midst of a flood of conversations in the public relations press about the Tham Luang cavern network's searching and bailout, the focus is on the work of a caricaturist named Stephff. Several of his latest caricatures are about how the Thai red tape handles the bailout, and another was celebrating the captured boys' soccer side while making a joke on the Brazilans.

The picture shows a sketch by Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha appearing from the waters in a grotto to find a lady in a Statue of Liberty attire. All in all, however, Mr. Peray's book about saving the caverns is a moving homage to the captured youngsters, delivered with a shot in the arm. Mr. Peray said he was hopeful not only for the guys, but also for humanity.

Sunday, in the city of Mae Sai, where the boys' football club is located, the inhabitants and their families rejoiced at the noise of every chopper and hospital car they could hear and celebrated the announcement that the first four youngsters had been taken out of the caves.

A few of its inhabitants have families across the Myanmar frontier, and every single working, trading and schooling in Thailand is attended by tens of thousands of people. Adul Sam-on, one of the guys in the caves, is a disciple of the Ban Wiang Phan Institute here. It was Adul who talked to UK scuba diving in the tape announcing to the public that the crew had been found after 10 working nights in the submerged Tham Luang Caves.

How come the guys can't go swimming? One Thai officer said that some members of the football crew of the young men caught in the flood net are unable to swimm, making it even more difficult to save them. The Thai Ministry of Health in 2014 said that the main cause of deaths among under 15s was Drowning.

In Thailand, an annual mean of four offspring per diem from the effects of dying, a death toll five to 15-fold higher than in advanced nations. Dr. Linnan, a former U.S. Centers for Disease Control health care specialist, said Thailand has made "enormous progress" in the prevention of injuries and infantile mortality over the past year.

However, he said he hopes that recent incidents in the Tham Luang Cave would be a "teachable moment" that underlines the need for further effort to avoid the risk of extinction at the state level. The imprisoned youngsters and their football trainer tried to assure their family that they were in good company and in a good mood in a letter to their homes, which had been printed on waterstained papers and published on the Thai Navy SEAL's facebook page on Saturday.

In the past, the young boys' families had sent them letters. Trying to get a telephone line to the cave where the young are imprisoned has not yet been a success. Ekkapol Chantawong, the boys' trainer, sent a letter to the group and promised to look after them as well as possible.

Friday, a Thai Navy SEAL commandant said that the boy's cave was about 15 per cent high. Spelunkers normally tend to be concerned about high levels of CO, not low levels of O2, said Dinko Novosel, chairman of the European Cave Rescue Association.

However, Mr Novosel said that an O2 concentrations of 15 per cent or less was "really problematic" for anyone caught in it. Saturday, Mr Narongsak, the officer in charge of the bailout, said that the levels of air in a room where many saviours work were so low that unnecessary staff were sent out.

The saviours are also worried about the levels of CO2 in the cave where the young are caged. The Thai government said on Friday that a Thai Navy SEAL diving pensioner was killed in Tham Luang Cave when he ran out of breath while under water. Divers, a Saman Gunan, 38, who had been volunteered, ran out of breath as they placed replacement fuel vents on their way to the cave where the young are caged.

Mr Saman got into difficulties around 1 a.m. on Friday and attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful, said Arpakorn Yookongkaew, the Thai naval SEAL-commandant. Emergency operations now focus on providing fresh breezes and operating a communication line to the group's site from a near-by cave known as Chamber Three.

The only way to get in touch between the officers who coordinate the ambulance and the group in the cavern is by courier service, a trip of about six hour each way. The installation of a communication line would make any emergency response easier and enable the young to speak to their family. 4 Thai Navy SEALs, one of them a physician, are on the road with the youngsters aged 11 to 16 years and their 25-year-old football coaches.

In 2010, one of the men saved from a mine in Chile sent a videoclip of hopes to the young while they were still prisoners. "Pray for each of you, for each family and for these children," said Mario Sepulveda, who was the second of more than 30 men who were brought to security in a special pod after being imprisoned for more than two month in a television salvation around the globe.

Mr. Sepulveda, who was called "Super Mario" because of his exorbitant withdrawal from the escape pod, became a motivating orator. The Mae Bua Chaicheun, a paddy grower living near the Tham Luang Cave, wanted to help in the quest for the cubs. Last for example, she voluntarily registered for five working nights at the sanctuary last weekend to provide the troops with potable and cleanup supplies.

Returning to her lowland town a few leagues from the cavern, she found that her land had been filled with waters that had been drained from the caverns to access the 12 youngsters and their football coaches. The most important thing is that the guys were found dead.

As she saw the message that the young were found, she said that she laid her hand in front of the television and said thank you to Buddha. It is one of a dozen peasants down the Tham Lung Cave whose land was inundated by the excess waters that had been poured out of the cave to lower the level of flooding in the cave.

As a result, the authorities offer compensations to those whose lands have been inundated. On Monday, when two UK scuba diving enthusiasts arrived in a flood covered caves in Thailand for the first time at a captive boys' football club, they may have witnessed a deja-vu. Scuba diver Richard Stanton and John Volanthen are members of the South and Mid Wales Rescue Centre Rescue Crew, one of 15 in the UK.

During 2004, Mr Stanton, a pensioned fireman from Coventry, was part of the success of the rescuing of six Britons in Mexico who had been imprisoned in a cavern for more than a whole weekend - one of the best-known cavern salvages in recent years. Mr Stanton and Mr Volanthen, an IT advisor, were flew to France six years later to save Eric Establie, a rock-climbing man who had disappeared into a cavern.

Videoclips of a Thai Navy SEAL member showed the 12 guys and their football trainer in the caves, who looked thin, but apparently well and good temper. Scuba diver arrived on Monday evening and brought them provisions, medicines and provisions, while officers and dive professionals are trying to find out how to get them out of Tham Luang caves.

The young, some of them covered in outer-clothes, sit in a film when Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Phak Lohanchun, an military physician with SEAL education, gives disinfectants to their burs. And in another tape, the guys take turns talking to the cameras, giving their name and saying they're well.

They are also on the Royal Thai Navy's Facebook page. 25 JUNE: Scuba diver are taken on a meticulous quest through inundation. Juni 28: Bet that the crew has arrived at a arid den, the officers are considering to drill from above to reduce stock. 1 JULY: With the help of giant pumping systems, scuba diver make significant advances in their caves.

Scuba diving finds the crew, all lively! GERMAN JULY 3: The quest becomes a bailout, but some caution that it could take time. GERMAN JULY 3: Five cavern rescues that worked. GDYULY 6: The salvation will be a dark, despairing torture, say scubaivers. 6 July: In the cave: Like the saviours trying to salvage the lads.

8 JULY: Four of the young were saved on a "smooth" first full moon full moon extract. Jul 10: For some of the guys the fight was no longer a foreign word.

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