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Cambodia Vietnam Map

Find the perfect map of Cambodia Vietnam Thailand Laos stock photo. Cards on this page change automatically. Laos Cambodia Vietnam Route. Cambodia Vietnam Route Map. Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam represent Indochina, which is located in Southeast Asia south of China and east of Thailand.

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The Mekong River, one of the largest river systems in the whole wide range of Asia, meanders from the Tibetan spurs down to the South China Sea. His tragic southern voyage leads through isolated Lao Peninsula and huge Lao Falls, Thailand's twenty-first-great traditionally inhabited city and city, Cambodia's fresh water dolphin and lost temple, and Vietnam's Mekong Delta Green Palmwood.

Explore the old Asia and the new Asia rushing around the world. The next one is a walk with an animal in the Cambodian jungles. Motorcycle tours in the Vietnamese highland, then descent to the coastline for kitesurfing on the South China Sea.

Hike deeply into the rain forest to discover gabbons and other uncommon animals in Cambodia or North Thailand. If you want something milder, bike around Angkor or hike with wildlife in one of the many protected area. Climb in the middle of Laos, dive on the south edge of Cambodia and Vietnam, zipline through untouched jungles around Chang Mai or the Bolaven Plateau - you can choose your own adventures.

Traveling in the Mekong is as important as the destinations. Humans are unrestrained, the experience is memorable and the story is incomprehensible, but at some point during your trip the Mekong and its humans will penetrate your souls.

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Visit to get an idea of everything there is to see in Cambodia. It would be easy to stay 2 week in Cambodia alone, the same for Vietnam, the same for Laos and the same for Vietnam. You said you like to move quickly, but you realize that travelling on the floor in all these places is much more sluggish than in the US - for example it can take 6 hours by coach from SR to PP (no train in Cambodia) and things in Laos are just as sluggish.

All these places have a lot to see, so please don't think of Cambodia (especially) as a place where you can put your buckets off during a brief stay in Siem Reap. So if you are traveling in high seasons, you should make your reservations as soon as possible as many of the top rated properties are early, see the top five quizzes (top right) what to do (top left) and use the quest field (top left) for more information - many travel stories etc. are full of amazing information.

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