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Audley's Thailand trips are put together by specialists who know the destination first hand so that they can put together your ideal itinerary. Explore authentic Thailand with a selection of Thailand holidays & tours from experienced, specialized and responsible Thailand operators. Experience Thailand from the melting pot of Bangkok, the ancient temples of Chiang Mai, remote islands and beaches and world-class diving. The Thailand experts will use their experience to customize your perfect Thai vacation and experience the real Thailand beyond the tourist path. Family Holidays & Honeymoon in Thailand.

Thailand holiday & luxury breaks

Don't miss the chance to explore Kho Phi Phi Phi Ley Islands - one of Thailand's most precious gems and especially renowned for the'secret' beaches of Mayaay. Danny Boyle's movie "The Beach" takes place in this remote cove with its untouched golden sands, encircled by lofty rocks of lime stone and clear water with some of the best corals in the area.

Today it is something like a place of sanctuary for movie lovers from all over the globe, but it is still definitely rewarding to go to the amazingly nice sandy area. Notice that the isle itself is an inhabited nature reserve, but the snorkeling, scuba and photography possibilities are memorable. Featuring a frantic tempo and a kaleidoscopic range of contrast, you'll find everything from high end cultural events, shops and pulsating night life to first rate hotel accommodation.

With over fifty thousand dining options, Bangkok is a gourmet's paradise. The best way to enjoy the cuisine of the town is without a doubt to go to one of the bustling streetsides. It is an excellent starting point for excursions to some of the more scenic places in the North.

Don't miss a trip to some of the enchanting mountain people' towns, where you will get an insight into the country lifestyle as it has been practiced for hundreds of years. Select a luxurious skyscraper and city centre skyscraper based or off the beaten track on the shores of the Chao Phraya River.

Farther northerly is Chiang Mai, where you will find a more relaxed atmosphere. Situated in the heart of the capital, the 300 Temple and centuries-old pagoda towers fit perfectly into a skyscraper, a mall and all the other amenities you would want from a contemporary megacity. It is also rewarding to stop in Chiang Rai, a calmer, less busy town than Chiang Mai and with an exceptionally scenic landscape.

Hiking and hiking through the jungles, visiting local communities and learning more about the local people. Hua Hin, a coastal city founded in the 1920s by the Thai king dynasty as a holiday residence, is a challenging bathing area. More mature and less "backpacker" than many other bathing locations throughout Thailand, Hua Hin's close vicinity to Bangkok is also a comfortable place to unwind for a few relaxing nights.

Besides a large choice of hotel, there are some excellent fish eateries and a lively overnight fair that you should not miss. Higher up the coastline is Cha Am, another charming coastal city with its own private beaches, many fish shops and a somewhat calmer atmosphere than Hua Hin, making it an ideal starting point for a relaxing holiday.

It is a favourite with Bangkok's weekenders, so it gets a little bit heat at the end of the month, but at other hours it is a quiet, relaxed place to enjoy your luxurious time. Pattaya in the eastern part of the country offers a cheerful ambience for those who are less satisfied with drinking a cocktail on a remote sandy shore and is a good starting point for those who are looking for a more lively vacation in Thailand.

In the daytime you can enjoy bungees, parachuting, windsurfing and sailing and spend the nights in one of the city's many nightlife clubs and pubs. A true paradise on the islands, Koh Samui offers an enticing blend of recreation, adventures and pleasure. Luxuriant rainforests, palm-fringed sandy beach, clear waters and the old world's charms also provide the islands with a very well developed tourism industry.

You will also find first-class hotels, international renowned eateries and a challenging nightlife. Phuket was once an important commercial harbour and the impact of the different civilizations that crossed the Phuket is reflected in the architectural and culinary traditions of the area. Thailand's biggest of all remote isles offers pristine shores with superb scuba and snorkeling, fantastic shops in colorful nightspots, and gorgeous luxurious destinations.

Krabi is one of the most pristine and pristine of the Andaman Sea for those who seek a real hiding place. Self-assured, quiet and laid-back, Krabi has a delightful atmosphere, with a range of regional food served with homemade Thai food and delicious sea food.

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