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Guide to the lesser known Thailand. Throughout the country, Thailand is a fascinating country for visitors like no other. Contact us and plan your holiday in Thailand today. There is something for everyone in Thailand. But let's face it: these places are overcrowded and overpopulated.

The best destinations in Thailand

"Bangkok Humming or Tranquil Phuket?" Enjoy some sunshine on pristine Kamala Beach for tranquility and tranquility or drive to Patong Beach if you like it a little more lively. Excursions to Koh Phi Phi Phi and the Similan Islands are also available. It was constructed in the eighteenth c. and houses a number of Thailand royalty, so that there are many different architectural genres to be admired.

A secluded and only accessible by boating, Railay Beach is home to a fistful of apes and some of the best rock climbs in the game. Meanwhile, walk through the dense jungles in the charming Thung Teao Forest Nature Reserve, watch some of the wildest birdlife and bathe in Crystal Lake.

Drive to Krabi Town and browse the two overnight market or just lean back and enjoy the ambience with a glass of one or two beers. The Khao Lak connects the jungle to the beach to create the final paradise in the tropics. And if you're out in the great outdoors, plan your journey for the first weekend of March and see tortoises fly from the beach into the ocean at the Turtle Release Festival at Thai Muang Beach.

Travel Guides to Less Well Known Thailand | Travel

There are many who come to Thailand with a vision of empty, palm-fringed, sandy whitewashed shores and delicious cuisines. With 7 million overseas attendees in 2014 and one of the most advanced hospitals in Asia, Thailand is no longer the most exciting travel destinations in the area. It' mostly in Hat Chao Mai Nationalpark, which means that there are no towns or even real streets to get into your delusion.

Ao Chonglom, an insulated section on the west side with rugged calcareous rocks, or take a long-tail to neighboring Koh Muk, where you will make a cave visit at Tham Morakot, the famous Emerald Cave. Accommodation With an open-air spas and 39 mansions, Sevenseas Koh Kradan Estate (double room from 80) is a lovely fluffy place not to be missed.

The Kalume Kradan Village (bungalow double room from 29) provides inexpensive, straightforward seaside accommodations. Between November and January, these birds deposit their egg in the sheltered sand. There are a number of ecologically experienced resort establishments, but the Golden Buddha Resort (double room from 90) is distinguished by its dedication to preserving the area.

Using an energy-efficient power generating system, the complex cultivates most of its own biological products and, together with the Phuket Marine Biological Center and the Naucrates volunteer tourism group, operates a tortoise sanctuary where visitors are welcome to help. Wherever you can dine here without significant independent restaurant, there is the Golden Buddha Restaurant, where the owner makes his own marmalades.

Consistent with the environment, the village cultivates its own biological fruits, spices and vegetable in line with the sustainable rearing of pork, ducks and hens. Travel From Bangkok to Phuket take Nok Air (from 10), then either take a cab, rent a vehicle or make arrangements with the Kuraburi Village Estate for a shuttle to the Kuraburi dock.

The Golden Buddha Resort has its own boat, which is more dependable than the boat of the area. This spot in the Koh Chang range, in the east Gulf of Thailand, is ideal for doing a great deal. There is no shortage of bungalows for two on the family's Lazy Day the Resort (from 29), but they are just a few paces from the seas.

Since the construction of a high-speed shuttle and a five-star holiday destination, Soneva Kiri, a few years ago, the tourist industry has been soaring. The Ao Klong Chao is the most beloved one on the whole length of the coastline, but Ao Phrao in the southern part is an almost empty area. Scuba diver can drive half an hours to Koh Rang Nationalpark, where clear water and rainbow of corals are waiting for them.

Cham's House (double room from 94) has many seaside mansions with outdoor baths. Whilst nobody would call the Isle the centre of overnight living, Bombyx Bar, part of the Chams House Estate is one of the most lively places for a sun-downer. To get an insight into the old insular lifestyle, visit the peaceful fishermen town near the shore of Ao Yai and dine at Chonticha Seafood, where everything on the menus is onboard.

Inhabitants about 500 and only a few cabins, Koh Phayam is often compared to the Samui of those days before the cruisers arrived in swarm. The PP Land Eco Resort (bungalows for two people from 15), on Ao Hin Khao Strand, and the Heaven Resort on Buffalo Bay (bungalows for two people from 37 pounds) are equipped with luxury A/C. The bungalow is located on the same organization's Lake.

Wherever you want to dine, just take the irresistible trail to Baan Nam Cha, a Ao Yai Beach hippie veggie place that keeps to the island's wild Ao Yai Beach atmosphere and serves refreshing juice (around 1.50), vegans and gluten-free bakery products, Thai and Myanmar cuisine. Formerly a hiding place for raiding marauders, a violent jail for more than 3,000 Thais living in exile and most recently home to stupid fighters on the US TV show Survivor: Thailand, this Malaysian Langkawi is part of Tarutao-Nationalpark and as such practically free of economic growth and 70% in the jungles.

Accommodation is mainly on the shores of Ao Phante Malaka and Ao Molae and is run by the Nature Reserve (bungalows from £11). They' re simple shore huts, but with such an attitude, it's unlikely you'll take them. The biggest jungle area in the south of Thailand is a place with lofty karst limestones cutting through thick leaves, where large rhinoceros birds and Dobby-eyed slovlorises live.

Happy patrons can see some of the few large animals that inhabit the area, such as the tapirs and the ponderous Asiatic bisons. Tree house hostels are hardly a stranger in Thailand, but the rustic-luxe Our Jungle House (tree house double room from 53), on 25 hectares of rainforest on the Klong Sok riverbank, is a great place for discoverers of all age.

Where, alongside the area inns, most of which serve a simple eatery, Thai Herb, on the pipe tract opportunity, serve commodity (of active 1) much as fad Krapov Mum (spicy roasted meat with hallowed herb) and the ever-present parboong fiai Deng (stir-fried greeting) in a shaded tract environment.

The city of Mae Hong Son, encircled by teaplantations on wheels, is still luxuriant and sluggish compared to Pai, its ever more overcrowded neighbor. There to stayFern Resort (double room from 46) is made up of 30 shan-style bungalow apartments in the luxuriant and tranquil valleys a few leagues down the city.

From Bangkok, Thailand's first Thai nature reserve, part of a wider chain of forests sheltered by UNESCO, a green open space with hills, evergreens and rain forests and huge falls, among them Haew Nerok, one of the highest in the land, and Haew Suat, made popular by Leonardo DiCaprio's cliff fall in the film The Beach.

In recent years, the gardens, which once housed only the rudest accommodations, have seen a large number of shop opening events that make it even more attractive. The Escape Khao Yai (double room from 54) has contemporary rooms right in front of the camp. As soon as the ass of the joke, Thailand's burgeoning winemaking industries starts to make some reasonably reputable vintages. As soon as the ass of the joke, Thailand's burgeoning winemakers start to grow.

It' s hardly Bordeaux, but on the northern side of the reserve, PB Valley Khao Yai Winery, one of the oldest and best vines in the land, makes a picturesque stop, and its Great Hornbill Grill offers both wood-fired pizza and Thai cuisine. International guests are charged about 7 pounds for admission to the shrine which is topped by 2,565 metres high Doi Inthanon, Thailand's highest mountain, surrounded by pine forests and covered with orchid trees.

Irrespective of the unusually cold weather and the closeness to Chiang Mai (100 km away), the biggest town in the north of Thailand, occasionally attract tourists. Overnight accommodations Although there are simple parking accommodations around the Chiang Mai there are many more possibilities.

Akyra Manor Chiang Mai (double room from 90) on a busy road just south of the center to get some serious comfort before you venture into the outdoors. Wherever to dine accommodation near the parks tends to have a simple coaches and group restaurants. There is a parking charge of about 4 for international guests.

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