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Holidays in Thailand are guaranteed to be exotic and exciting, but where is it best to stay and visit during a trip? The best excursion destinations in southern Thailand and the islands

In order to help you with your South Thailand holiday plans, we have included our top destinations below. When you are planing a holiday in South Thailand, speak to a Travel Expert today on 0800 707 6010. If you don't scoop your toe into the Maya Bay whitewashed sand where you shoot The Beach, you can climb the Phi Phi Phi lookout, a popular place to watch the sun set.

Spend a whole days or two snorkelling in the water, or spend a whole week lazing on the sand. The Khao Sok National Park is the ideal counter to the beaches. Browse through our holiday resorts, vacations and experts on-line. Depending on where you want to go, we will provide you with an experienced professional who will live and breathe this goal and provide you with first-hand consultation.

We take the opportunity to get to know you, sharing our knowledge and working with you to make exactly the holiday you want at the right cost. Your experts are at your side every step of the way from the first call to your arrival at home, along with our 24/7 emergency support.

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No matter if you are looking for places to go on a Thai vacation, the best places to spend the night in Thailand or adult rides, it really does help to know what is where. Thailand is not yet Singapore, of course, but I would say that things are going in the right way. Foaming ripples on Koh Similan Island No. 8 in Similan National Similan Marine Reserve, Andaman Sea, Thailand.

The following paragraphs will deal with the top 5 goals in Thailand and also here and there a few extra points. Bangkok is the place where most travellers, especially those from across the continent, travel to Asia. Even if you don't like big towns, Bangkok is worth y of your while.

Maybe you are jet-lagged and would like to be spoiled before you go on to your seaside town, or you would like to use the "Bangkok Highlife" for a few relaxing holidays. Bangkok is a favorite spot for millions of wealthy people with a broad array of high-rises, ultra-luxurious shopping centers, hospitals and membership-only clubbing.

This means I wouldn't discourage you from buying your next BMW in Bangkok, but staying one night in a high-rise dining establishment, followed by a cocktail and a high-end clubs event, doesn't have to make the bench look like it did in London or Paris. An increasing number of shop-hotels are opening outside the backpacker tradition, so anyone wishing to stay in Bangkok has the luxuries of a lifetime.

Fraternity is limited only to privately owned clubbing in this part of the town, so if you're not involved in "the oldest trade" in the word, Thong Lor is a great place to be. It is important to me not to list the different rides in Bangkok because there really are so many and they all have different interests.

In Bangkok it's all about trying to find your own way - but please try as many things as you can! I briefly mentioned the night life in Bangkok, but as far as I'm concerned, it' s relatively limited to certain areas of the town, so it's not as local as other tourist or tour guide would have you believe.

But Pattaya is a little different, and his moniker "Sin City" says everything you need to know. If you are not numb and blindfolded, you will come across Thailand's adult attraction in Pattaya. Pattaya, for example, is the nearest seaside resort to Suvarnabhumi International Park. Jung Saen Strand may be even nearer, but it's too small to be taken into consideration.

But Pattaya has it all: a large selection of greens, shopping centres, family-friendly spas and numerous other places for those who want to experience Asia. A further eye-catcher outside Pattaya is the Silverlake Vineyard. It is a great daily excursion from Pattaya or Jomtien (a seaside village just below Pattaya), and with the added benefit of seeing the Buddha Mountain, you will quickly realize that there is more to Pattaya than you originally thought.

Water parks, gulf places, family-friendly resources, firing range and a multiplicity of group attractions such as dirtbike routes or quads for rent - Pattaya has everything, so it should come as no wonder that this is the second best place in the kingdom, right after Bangkok. Just make a reservation for a Jomtien seaside retreat that is near enough to the town but less messy and much quieter.

Meaning you can take advantage of the beach and all the other conveniences that tourist can offer, and if you choose that Jomten's raw neighbor merits a visit, Pattaya's night life is just a cab drive away. Pattaya and Jomtien are both definitely places you should visit in Thailand with your host families, and your selection of hotels or resorts will dictate what kind of vacation you will have.

Phuket is the second most favoured destination after Bangkok for Australians, Singaporeans and Emirates. In contrast to the more urbane nature of Bangkok, Phuket boasts islands and paradise. It' a great springboard to other areas in the south, and whatever you like in regards to sport or beach recreation, you can find it on and around Phuket.

From Phuket, the most evident goal to jump to is the Krabi region and the diversity of its travel itineraries. The Ko Lanta and Phi Pi are top touristic sites and known to packers, yachtsmen and scuba diving enthusiasts. One of the reasons why Ko Lanta is so unique is that there is a gypsy marine society that feeds mainly on fisheries and is largely isolated from the remainder of Thailand.

I have never been in the area before, but in Phuket alive, they often appear in the newspapers and were continually under threat in their way of lives, but civilisation is moving forward in their directions. Phuket's other very beloved tourist attraction is the Phang Nga cove, which was made very popular by a James Bond bad guy in the 70s.

Don't be expecting to run on the same shore as James Bond or Nick Nack! From my full speed camera I went up the north of Phuket to make it to Ranong for a longer visas. The majority of Thai first-players have a tendency to go south or stay in Pattaya for the first one.

On the second occasion, they may choose to stay more in Bangkok, but as far as I have been told, most of them are inclined to go to Chiang Mai for the second year. Seduced by the view of seeing a more genuine Thailand and not having to stay on a holiday shore, travellers to Chiang Mai are flying or finding more exciting and rugged ways to get there.

I' ve already texted Chiang Mai before, and what exactly you can do out there, so check it out here. But the best way I can describe Chiang Mai is that it is less frantic than Bangkok and certainly less commercially than the other Thai tourism attractions.

It' s like Thailand's own Berlin, where artistes, creatives and craftsmen come together to do "their thing" up north. At the same vein, the older Thais are going their way, as they have always done, with exquisite road shows, large small hotel accommodation and all kinds of craft businesses that produce small orders for Asiatic clients.

It' s a one-of-a-kind vibe and when I was looking for a particular 70s Japan automobile, I was not amazed to find the flawless example in Chiang Mai and not Bangkok. Humans in northern Thailand like everything that is old-fashioned. VW coach that was transformed into a mini-bar in Chiang Mai.

If you think of Thailand's isles, don't think about Koh Samui. Located in the south of Thailand, but a good 5 hour drive from Phuket, this is the quieter and more luxurious place, especially in comparison to Phuket. They can even stay on Koh Nang Yuan, but when I was there, the Nang Yuan residence was fully booked. Nang Nang Yuan resorts were very crowded.

I briefly dealt with the subject, but in general I omitted a listing of places I would like to visit for a Thai vacation. Since I am not in the travel business myself and I know that there are many luxury resort and other facilities throughout Thailand, I strongly suggest that you do your own research.

For those who want to have a honeymoon without the noise of a family and party crowd, take a look at this little isle.

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