Thailand Holiday Guide

Thirteen Holidays in Thailand

It is a perfect country to explore Southeast Asia. Take a look at our mini guide with useful tips and information for your trip to Thailand. Gain Thailand travel tips and insights! Best itineraries, top destinations & tours in Thailand. This is a complete guide to what we did in Thailand and what I would recommend.

Things to do in Thailand: our highlight guide

At first glance it was true romance when I travelled to Thailand for the first time in 2006. The thing that impressed me most was the difference between the fast-moving skyscraper in Bangkok and the land outside. However, you will come across never-ending sections of lush paddy fields in the province and a hilly countryside further inland.

Thailand has its seaside towns, but also offers many possibilities to turn away from the well-trodden paths. Thailand's capitol has a great attractions-such as the Grand Palace and the lying Buddha of gold in Wat Pho-for which most of the world wants to take a moment. While you and your guide take a boat cruise, hop on a tuk-tuk and use the BTS Sky Train to discover how the natives are moving.

For me, one of the peculiarities of the trip was the way you get to Jim Thompson House (Thompson is the man who resurrected the Thai textiles business and later vanished in a mysterious way in Malaysia). There we were brought along a small backflow channel ('klongs' in Thai) to the backdoor.

Yes, it is a bit easy to stay in the Thai guest house, but for those who want to have this kind of culture it is a great opportunity to see how a Thai people live their everyday lifes. It is only an hour's fly from Bangkok (or 12 hrs in a sleeping car if you want to savour the varying scenery on your northbound journey), yet Thailand's second biggest town, Chiang Mai, could not be any different from its big sisters.

Culinary delights include a blend of tastes inspired by the close vicinity of Chiang Mai to Myanmar and Laos, and the large selection of stands offers you the ideal chance to taste the exquisite and scented Northern Thai food. I would prefer the hot sand and clear water around Krabi, especially on Thailand's shores.

Tubkaak Boutique-style resort, just off Krabi, has luxury beachfront rooms and swimming pools - but its primary attraction is the views of the sea, one of the best I have ever seen. We will start our two days excursion on Anantara Song, a rebuilt six-berth ship, from Bangkok up the Chao Phraya River.

The protection and education of the people around them is at the heart of a growing number of protected areas. We work with people who provide a real nature protection adventure, such as the Elphant Hills, situated in Thailand's oldest nature reserve - Khao Sok - in the southern part of the state.

The Elephant Hills has two tent sites in the jungles, in the middle of the nature reserve and yet near some of Thailand's best sands. It is only a few hrs from Phuket, but it means that you will meet only a few visitors: just you and your group.

The Khao Yai National Parks is only 2.5 hrs outside of Bangkok if you want to do a trek but don't have enough free travelling to northern Thailand. Up the hill is exciting, but the parc itself is mainly shallow, so you can enjoy it at an easier speed. Fierce bulls roaming the parkland.

Featuring a powerful mockingbird flare and an open top ejector, your guide will help you spot nightlife such as the gaure, the world's biggest cattle, the bull stag and the cattle. Golden Triangle is an area in northern Thailand where Myanmar, Laos and Thailand meet.

It is possible to be on the Thailand side and see Laos on your right and Myanmar on your lefthand side. From here, cruise on the River Elbe to Laos, Vietnam or Cambodia. You will enjoy tasty meals all over Thailand. I like Som Tam and Larb Gai.

This is the first is chopped carrot and lemon peppers that embody the sweet-sour contrast of Thai cooking. One good way to enjoy different kinds of foods and beverages is a walk through Bangkok. Issan province, just south of Bangkok, is an arable land that few travelers see.

As you are there, take a trip to some of Thailand's most secluded sanctuaries, which I have only recently found. Besides the visit of the viaduct you can also drive to the Erawan National Park, where a seven-stage falls foams and falls.

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