Thailand Guide 2016

2016 Thailand travel guide

in our ManAboutWorld App and enjoy the full experience. Der Thailand Business and Legal Guide wird von Bangkok International Associates, Bangkok Legal Associates und der AFG Venture Group erstellt. Of course Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The Board of Investment Guide contains important information about the Board of Investment and how it operates. The Thai economy grew by 3.

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Thai Islands - Guide des randonneurs 2016

Backpaing the Thai isles is so loved because Thailand has some of the most loved travel spots and isles in Southeast Asia. In the 1960s and 1970s, it was the backpacker and travellers who explored the Thai Isles and contributed to making Thailand the much-loved contemporary traveler' s paradise it is today.

Whether you are looking for a place to unwind on your holidays or just enjoy your stay, or if you are looking for the best backpacker destinations, we have our fast Thai backpacker-guides. You will find Thailand's most famous beach and first-class seaside resort on this large and beloved Andaman Sea isle.

It has smaller islets off the coast, as it is close to mountain and rainforest. Outside the city' s secluded sandy shores you can visit other places of interest such as exciting shows, lively night life, museum, golf course, sights, shopping and more. It is known for its famed Full Moon Party, which takes place every months on the world-famous Hat Rin Strand.

In the remote coves and in the inner jungle of the isle you can still experience tranquillity and tranquillity. If you are looking for a new experience, you can also take motorcycle rides and jump in the temples. Situated in the province of Surat Thani, the Samui archipelago was introduced in Alex Garland's novel "The Beach".

" In December 2004, the Indian Ocean was struck by tsunamis and earthquakes. If you are not a fierce celebrity pet, you can't really say that you've traveled the Thai islands until the full moons, you don't have to sip, you can just simply go dancing!

It is not exactly a seaside resort, but with its crystalline water you can dive and snorkel; or take in the view of the rugged coastline. Fortunately, Ko Si Chang is a small islet off the Gulf of Thailand, making it a great place for kayakers, although it is not always associated with backpacker tourism on the Thai islands.

After Phuket, Ko Chang is the second biggest isle. It is called Ko Chang or "Elephant Island" and is situated in the province of Trat. Encircled by a series of golden sand bays and bays, thick rain forests, hard core corals, jungles, wildlife, falls and streams, it is no wonder that the isle is a touristic buzz.

Here you can also join beers and buckets that are a must when you are travelling with your backpack on the Thai Isles, after all you cannot say that you were travelling with your backpack until you had abuckets! A very secluded area, Ko Chang has many cheap backpacker accommodation to offer, so you can spend the night here.

Yup, another of the islands called Ko Chang, but instead it is on the northern Andaman coast in southern Thailand. A small, calm little town, it is not known for its beautiful sandy beach, but its calm atmosphere makes you want to lean back and soak up. It is a peacefull and beautiful sandy beach, natural surroundings and resort.

It is ideal for intimate couple, family, and very relaxed people. If, during your backpacker holiday in the Thai Islands, you have exerted new pressure and now want to see if they are right for you, one whole weekend on this isle should be enough to put them on your potential or not.

This is another of the islands known for its sandy beach and spectacularly beautiful sea canals. The Ko Phayam is kangaroo-shaped and is populated by 500 population. This is the second biggest Andaman Sea with two very famous beaches: It is a breath-taking and largely uncharted destination ideal for foreign visitors and some even remain for half a year.

When you think that backpacker tourism on the Thai Isles is more about the unexplored isles than about organizing pails and fullmoons, then this is just the right one. Situated between Ko Lanta and Krabi Town, the small Ko Jum offers many opportunities for backpacker tourists.

It is another of these dozy, sluggish, relaxed places and is the best place to unwind in a hammock or read a books under a leaf. It is important to be aware that this isle is all about relaxing and not doing bodily chores so if you are backingpacking the Thai Isles to search adventures this may not be your best bet if you want to be hanging like a slotto for a few more days then you should be heading over.

The Ko Phi Phi Phi, a small island group of six in Krabi Province in southern Thailand, is considered one of the most easily accessed archipelagos in the game. When you watched the film "The Beach" with Leonardo di Caprio in the leading role, it is in Ko Phi Phi Phi Leh, one of the small southern island where the shooting was done, which makes it a goal if you want to explore the Thai island with your backpack and verify the real beachside moments on your pass.

Meanwhile, the biggest, Ko Phi Phi Phi Don, the populated and most bustling isle - with dining, grocery shops and a wide range of shops. You will find bays and whitewater bays and beautiful shores with a bustling night life that makes this beautiful little village really compelling. Another popular tourist destination for its stunning scenery, Ko Lanta Yai is the sunsets coastline with blank sand and mangrove and jagged mountains.

It is the first place for a family, as jet-skiing and a lively night life are not entertaining. Whilst you won't find a feast on the islands, you can still indulge in a wide range of outdoor pursuits such as snorkelling, speleology, kayak and hiking, and of course you can have a glass of cold beers.

The Ko is a small, sophisticated T-shaped islet. It is only 200 km from Bangkok, so it is definitely an haven to which you can flee on a week-end. It has breathtaking sandy and silken sandy beach and blue water, with staggering palm groves and shrubbery in the back.

Due to its closeness to the main city and as a popular excursion spot for local people and visitors, no peaceful and intimate place of refuge awaits you, making it a great starting point if you want to explore the Thai Isles with your backpack, if this is a practical first isle.

Unrestrained and largely unexplored, Ko Kut is known for its sparkling sands and breathtakingly clear blue-green water. It is the 4th biggest isle of Thailand and is situated in the province of Trat. The Ko Ra Ecolodge is a rough, under developed islet with only one place to sleep.

Drowse the wild and unspoilt beauties of this beautiful little peninsula by discovering its fresh water creeks, swamps, mangrove, seaweed meadows, corals and outcrops. You can also discover the lowlands tropics, pristine sandy shores and a wide range of game. At Ko Ra Ecolodge you can experience various adventure activities such as kayak and birdwatching.

When you travel the Thai islands to savour the natural beauty and secret riches, then go to Ko Ra. Known as Ko Tao or "Turtle Island", it is called because it is formed like a nasal-turtles. Situated off the central Gulf coast of southern Thailand, this former prison for detainees is part of the Chumphon Arcipel.

Tao Kao's characteristics are also lonely bays, sandy shores, thick forests, enormous rocks and rugged paths. Another small isle, Ko Mak is the more relaxed and reserved of all. It is a star-shaped archipelago with only 400 inhabitants. You can snorkel, kayak or cycle around the sandy beach on the isle.

There are also Thailand and West European style eateries on the isle. When you need a break from celebrating, this is a great small and relaxed place where you can regain your serenity. The most secluded and stunning of all the populated Trang islets.

Situated between a thin stripe of countryside, the isle has a dramatic sandy beaches surrounded by cliffy verdant mountains. Vistas from this beautiful and breathtaking view, so get ready to be fascinated by soft rippling water, rustle of Kasuarina tree and a longtail boat painting of horizons. Kradan is the right place for you if you want to explore the Thai islands with your backpack and really want to stay for a while on a small but busy little place where you can do some things that are in harmony with the typical atmosphere of the isle.

Interesting essays and blogs for more information about Thailand and its isles. Below is a selection of recent items that we believe may help you learn more about Thailand and/or the Thailand isles. For more information, please refer to our Bangkok travel guide. Keep secure (common fraud in Thailand). Did this section "15 Thailand Islands: a fast backpacker's guide" come in handy?

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