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Experience the best of Thailand with experienced local guides visiting Bangkok, Chiang Mai, mountain peoples, fabulous beaches and many travel tips. Nice beaches and affordability make Thailand a dream destination for travellers. However, save the islands for last: once you are there, you don't want to go anywhere else! Every month starts continuously, learns how to teach TEFL and becomes an English teacher in Thailand. You' re gonna have to find out before you go.

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It is no mystery that Thailand has an enviable number of beautiful sandy areas and jungles encircled by inviting water, but travelers on our travels will soon find that there is much more to this old favorite. Favoured by the Americans since the 1960', when the GI came to rest during the Vietnam War, Thailand has long been one of Asia's most important tourist resorts with an eclectic mix of palm-fringed sandy beach, colorful religion and tempting food.

Bangkok's capitol is a metropolis of contrast from shiny commercial centres to shaky timber buildings lining the Canal. Chiang Rai is located in the north of the island, the point of departure for hikes to mountain peoples and green undergrowth. Thailand's secluded sandy beach is a legend with many southern island to discover or the famous Bangkok excursion to Hua Hin.

Explore Thailand's most beloved places on a guided group trip with the opportunity to attend the Yi Peng Festival or arrange your ideal holiday on the beaches and cultures with our tailor-made services. We offer group trips to Thailand with all the important sights and provide a true glimpse into the historic and patrimonial legacy of the land with a lot of on-site interact.

Each of our Thailand trips begin in Bangkok, where you will see the city's crown, the distinctive Grand Palace with its famed Emerald Buddha. Drive through the city's channels dotted with stilts, gleaming churches and intriguing daily living before exploring the many Bangkok pubs, dining and bustling roads.

From Bangkok, the capitol, to the colorful mountain trunks of Chiang Rai in the northern part and the Krabi and Hua Hin beach in the southern part, Thailand is a captivating place. We select one-of-a-kind things you can do in the places you want to go and suggest some less frequented gemstones off the well-trodden paths to make your vacation in Thailand truly unforgettable.

Away from Thailand's fine sandy beach and busy city, there are many more adventures waiting and we have a wide selection of personal tours to offer. Dive into the pristine jungles in breathtaking natural reserves along the Thai coast or visit neighboring Burma and Cambodia with breathtaking sanctuaries, colorful buddhistic tradition and vibrant afloat towns.

We have a variety of daily trips in Thailand, whether you visit the vibrant city of Bangkok, drive to Chiang Mai in the northern part of the country to have a good night's sleep or drive directly to the picturesque Koh Samui and Phuket islets. Bangkok, the vibrant city of Bangkok, the colorful market of Chiang Mai in the northern and the colorful southern island of the tropics, but if you are in the area, why not try combining with neighboring Burma and its lovely sanctuaries or the enchanting French-style towns of Laos and much more?

Featuring a busy capitol, infinite possibilities on unspoilt shores and abundant sandy spots, there's a lot to see in Thailand, but some places have the border and here are some of the top tourist attractions in Thailand that we suggest. Located in the southern part of the countryside, it is a place where people come to enjoy the beauty of jungles and canoeing, and above all to admire the breathtaking landscape that this treasure has to boast.

Slightly more than an hours from Bangkok, the antique town of Ayuthaya is full of Thai heritage. Remains of splendid temple buildings from the 17th century have been professionally conserved and can be seen on a walk through the town. Buddha headless people are sitting among the rocky outcrops of former palace and temple buildings with fashionable stores and dining along the avenues.

Bangkok, the Venice of the East, the town of angels and the Asiatic town of sins (the names are endless) is usually the first stop in Thailand. Shiny sanctuaries, bustling roads full of tuk-tuks and motorcycles, and frantic fairs are just some of the many attractions of this vast town.

Location of the famed Thailand-Burma Death Railroad and the bridge on the river Kwai, Kanchanaburi has quickly become one of Thailand's most popular places. Only a few hrs outside Bangkok, this green city has relatively simple treks, a number of intriguing battlehouses, such as the JEATH war museum and the art gallery, and wonderful falls.

At times overlooking how those folks on the road to more popular Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai is definitely a worthwhile spend a few day. It is not only home to the glittering Caucasian" Temple of White" and many of Thailand's renowned mountain peoples, it is also home to the famous" Golden Triangle", where Thailand, Laos and Burma come together, and it is the former centre of the global opilatrade.

Hua Hin is the historical home of the Thai Kings' residences, a favorite seaside town just a few short minutes from Bangkok. It' a favorite of the townspeople at the weekend and is also the principal residence of today's King of Thailand Rama IX. Contrary to some of his fellow islanders, Hua Hin is not proud to be a quiet and entertaining seaside resort.

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